Akame ga Kill!

Vol.01 Ch.001 Kill the Darkness

Vol.01 Ch.001 Kill the Darkness Vol.01 Ch.002 Kill the Country Vol.01 Ch.003 Kill Authority Vol.01 Ch.004 Kill Your Cares Vol.02 Ch.005 Kill the Killer Vol.02 Ch.006 Kill the Teigu User Vol.02 Ch.007 Kill Your Fantasy Vol.02 Ch.008 Kill the Evil-Doers Vol.02 Ch.009 Kill Absolute Justice Vol.03 Ch.010 Kill Your Sadness Vol.03 Ch.011 Kill the Impostors Vol.03 Ch.012 Kill the Three Vol.03 Ch.013 Kill Esdese's Group (Part One) Vol.03 Ch.014 Kill Esdese's Army (Part Two) Vol.04 Ch.015 Kill the Hardship Vol.04 Ch.016 Kill the Battle Fanatic Vol.04 Ch.017 Kill the Bandits Vol.04 Ch.018 Kill Temptation Vol.04 Ch.019 Kill Your Crisis Vol.05 Ch.020 Kill the Intruder Vol.05 Ch.021 Kill the Mad Scientist Vol.05 Ch.022 Kill the Unexplored Vol.05 Ch.023 Kill the Newcomers Vol.05 Ch.023.5 Extra Vol.05 Ch.024 Kill the Danger Beasts Vol.06 Ch.025 Kill the Hindrances Vol.06 Ch.026 Kill the Colossal Danger Beast Vol.06 Ch.027 Kill the Strong One Vol.06 Ch.028 Kill the Religious Organization Vol.06 Ch.029 Kill the Jagers Vol.07 Ch.030 Kill the Puppets Vol.07 Ch.031 Kill the Puppets (Part 2) Vol.07 Ch.032 Kill the Curse Vol.07 Ch.033 Kill the Strengthened Human Vol.07 Ch.033.5 Kill the Reminiscences Vol.08 Ch.034 Kill the Demon Vol.08 Ch.035 Kill the Demons (Part 2) Vol.08 Ch.036 Kill the Fate Vol.08 Ch.037 Kill the Fate (Part 2) Vol.08 Ch.038 Kill the Fate (Part 3) Vol.09 Ch.039 Kill the Trauma Vol.09 Ch.040 Kill The Treachery Vol.09 Ch.041 Kill The Evil Vol.09 Ch.042 Kill the Despair Vol.09 Ch.043 Kill the Despair (Part 2) Vol.10 Ch.044 Kill the Hesitation Vol.10 Ch.045 Kill the Heresy Vol.10 Ch.046 Kill the Heresy (Part 2) Vol.10 Ch.047 Kill the Foe Vol.10 Ch.048 Kill the Foe (Part 2) Vol.10 Ch.049 Kill the Indecision Vol.11 Ch.050 Kill the DIsaster Vol.11 Ch.051 Kill the Love Vol.11 Ch.052 Read Online Vol.11 Ch.052.2 Kill the Carnage Vol.11 Ch.053 Kill the Adversity Vol.11 Ch.053.5 Extra 1 Kill the Blackness Vol.11 Ch.053.6 Extra 2 Kill the Mad Swordswan Vol.11 Ch.054 Kill the Adversity (Part 2) Vol.12 Ch.055 Kill the Top Two Vol.12 Ch.056 Kill the Great General Vol.12 Ch.057 Kill The Alchemist Vol.12 Ch.058 Kill the Skilled! Vol.12 Ch.059 Kill Your Assumptions Vol.12 Ch.060 Kill the Wild Hunt Vol.13 Ch.061 Kill the Reinforcements Vol.13 Ch.062 Kill the Past Vol.13 Ch.063 Kill the Past (Final Part) Vol.13 Ch.064 Kill Your Sister Vol.13 Ch.065 Kill Your Little Sister Vol.13 Ch.066 Kill Fate Vol.14 Ch.067 Kill the Darkness Vol.14 Ch.068 Kill the Source Vol.14 Ch.069 Kill the Free-For-All Battle Vol.14 Ch.070 Kill the Bedlam (Conclusion) Vol.14 Ch.071 Kill the Archenemy Vol.14 Ch.072 Kill the Root Vol.15 Ch.073 Kill the Supreme Vol.15 Ch.074 Kill the Emperor Vol.15 Ch.075 Kill Esdeath Vol.15 Ch.076 Kill Esdeath Vol.15 Ch.077 Kill Esdeath Vol.15 Ch.078 END - Final Chapter
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Akame ga Kill! contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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