Ah! My Goddess

Vol.48 Ch.308.5 To Everyone Who Loves [Megami-sama]

Vol.01 Ch.001 Wrong Number Vol.01 Ch.002 Into the Lair of the Anime Otaku! Vol.01 Ch.003 A Man's Home is His... Temple? Vol.01 Ch.004 College Exchange... Goddess? Vol.01 Ch.005 What Goddess Has Put Together, Let Not Woman Split Apart Vol.01 Ch.006 One Wish Spirit Photography, Deepest Wish Granted Vol.01 Ch.007 The Lullaby of Love Vol.01 Ch.008 The Megumi Problem Vol.01 Ch.009 The Apartment Hunting Blues Vol.02 Ch.010 Naked Victory Vol.02 Ch.011 Let Flowers Bloom Vol.02 Ch.012 Leader of the Pack Vol.02 Ch.013 Ultimate Force Down Vol.02 Ch.014 Sexy Sister Vol.02 Ch.015 I'm the Campus Queen! Vol.02 Ch.016 What Belldaby Wants Most Vol.03 Ch.017 Turkey with All the Trimmings Vol.03 Ch.018 Life's Just a Game of "Sugoroku Roulette" Vol.03 Ch.019 I Want to Take the Exam! Vol.03 Ch.020 Belldandy's Narrow Escape Vol.03 Ch.021 The Secret's Out! Vol.03 Ch.022 Winner Take All Vol.03 Ch.023 What a Miracle Vol.04 Ch.024 On a Wing and a Prayer Vol.04 Ch.025 Love Potion Number 9 Vol.04 Ch.026 Ooh! A Powerfrl Opponent Vol.04 Ch.027 Mara Strikes Back! Vol.04 Ch.028 The Scales of Love Vol.04 Ch.029 Sympathy for the Devil Vol.04 Ch.030 Mystical Engine Vol.05 Ch.031 Valentine Rhapsody Vol.05 Ch.032 The Third Goddess Vol.05 Ch.033 The Goddesses' Big Crisis Vol.05 Ch.034 Urd Goes Berserk Vol.05 Ch.035 Urd's Terrible Master Vol.05 Ch.036 The Ultimate Destruction Program Vol.06 Ch.037 Urd Calls Forth The Beast Vol.06 Ch.038 The Secret Of The Lord Of Terror Vol.06 Ch.039 Confession Vol.06 Ch.040 Robot Wars Vol.06 Ch.041 The Trials Of Movisafa Vol.06 Ch.042 Urd's Fantastic Adventure Vol.07 Ch.043 Belldandy's Tempestuous Heart Vol.07 Ch.044 The Queen Of Vengeance Vol.07 Ch.045 Mister Unhappy Vol.07 Ch.046 Thank You Vol.07 Ch.047 Good-bye and Hello Vol.08 Ch.048 The Forgotten Promise Vol.08 Ch.049 The Lunchbox Of Love Vol.08 Ch.050 Meet Me By The Seashore Vol.08 Ch.051 You're So Bad Vol.08 Ch.052 Ninja Master Vol.09 Ch.053 Law of the Ninja Vol.09 Ch.054 Together for Never Vol.09 Ch.055 Jealous Love Vol.09 Ch.056 It's Lonely At the Top Vol.09 Ch.057 Fallen Angel Vol.10 Ch.058 Play the Game Vol.10 Ch.059 Sorrow, Fear Not Vol.10 Ch.060 Karaoke Hell Vol.10 Ch.061 Evil Spirits 200 Proof Vol.10 Ch.062 Skuld Strikes Back! Vol.11 Ch.063 The Battle For Urd Vol.11 Ch.064 Shadow & Light Vol.11 Ch.065 Super Urd Vol.11 Ch.066 Fourth Time's a Charmer Vol.11 Ch.067 I'll Do Anything For You Vol.12 Ch.068 The Battle For Keiichi Vol.12 Ch.069 The Dating Game Vol.12 Ch.070 When a Man Loves a Woman Vol.12 Ch.071 A Goddess Never Forgets Vol.12 Ch.072 Men Are From Earth, Goddesses Are From Yggdrasil Vol.13 Ch.073 Childhood's End(Part 1) Vol.13 Ch.074 Childhood's End(Part 2) Vol.13 Ch.075 The Queen And the Goddess Vol.13 Ch.076 Hail to the Chief #1 Vol.13 Ch.077 Hail to the Chief #2 Vol.14 Ch.078 Hail to the Chief #3 Vol.14 Ch.079 Pretty in Scarlet Vol.14 Ch.080 The Goddess's Apprentice Vol.14 Ch.081 Queen Sayoko #1 Vol.14 Ch.082 Queen Sayoko #2 Vol.15 Ch.083 Queen Sayoko #3 Vol.15 Ch.084 Queen Sayoko #4 Vol.15 Ch.085 Queen Sayoko #5 Vol.15 Ch.086 Megumi vs. Queen Vol.15 Ch.087 The Secret of Speed Vol.15 Ch.088 Empathy Vol.15 Ch.089 The Other Me Vol.15 Ch.090 Without Letting go of your Hand Vol.16 Ch.091 Let's Hold Hands! Vol.16 Ch.092 Welcome Vol.16 Ch.093 Banpei-Kun's Tears Vol.16 Ch.094 A Boy the Goddesses Know Vol.16 Ch.095 A Phenomenon Begins!! Vol.16 Ch.096 Boy's Memories Vol.16 Ch.097 The Fourth Goddess, Revived Vol.17 Ch.098 Light and Shadow Vol.17 Ch.099 Truth Of the Doublet Vol.17 Ch.100 Endless Times and Hope Vol.17 Ch.101 Returning Time Vol.17 Ch.102 I Want to walk with You Vol.17 Ch.103 So that we are Acquainted Vol.17 Ch.104 A Little Emotion Vol.18 Ch.105 Goddess Invalidation Vol.18 Ch.106 Spread Out, Spread Out Vol.18 Ch.107 If You are There Vol.18 Ch.108 The Thing that Travels Vol.18 Ch.109 My Song is your Song Vol.18 Ch.110 What's At the Mountain Pass Vol.18 Ch.111 True Form Spotted!!! Vol.18 Ch.112 Three Parts, One Body Vol.19 Ch.113 Welcome Home Vol.19 Ch.114 Dr.Morrow Appears!!! Vol.19 Ch.115 Human Dreams, Can they be Destroyed Vol.19 Ch.116 Dr.Morrow's Trap Vol.19 Ch.117 Human, Machine Vol.19 Ch.118 That Which reveals Life Vol.19 Ch.119 Let's decide the New Chief Vol.19 Ch.120 The Way of Competition Vol.20 Ch.121 The Cursed Chief Vol.20 Ch.122 Crash Course Continues Vol.20 Ch.123 Everybody Race Vol.20 Ch.124 Keiichi's Distance, Hasegawa's Distance Vol.20 Ch.125 The Race Begins! Goddess Acts too! Vol.20 Ch.126 Aberrant Kiss Vol.20 Ch.127 The Strongest Magic Vol.20 Ch.128 Endless Battle Vol.20 Ch.129 Endless Battle Part II Vol.21 Ch.130 The Demon Over There Vol.21 Ch.131 The Things that can be done Vol.21 Ch.132 The Thing Goddess do not Forget Vol.21 Ch.133 Longer Legs,Stretching,and a Cat Vol.21 Ch.134 The Last Resort Vol.21 Ch.135 What the Daimakaicho Wants Vol.22 Ch.136 Agreement Contract Vol.22 Ch.137 Costarring Vol.22 Ch.138 Mothe - -? Vol.22 Ch.139 A Splendid Game Vol.22 Ch.140 The Morisato Residence Is Empty Vol.22 Ch.141 The Thing Her Eyes Peflect Vol.23 Ch.142 "Bell And Keiichi And A troubling Guest" Vol.23 Ch.143 Father Running Wild Vol.23 Ch.144 Goddess's Garden Vol.23 Ch.145 Father's Hell Vol.23 Ch.146 Decision Time Vol.23 Ch.147 Mother's Battle, Father's Battle Vol.23 Ch.148 Let's Dance Vol.24 Ch.149 About meeting while racing Vol.24 Ch.150 Towards The Believing Road Vol.24 Ch.151 Prepared To Win, Prepared To Lose Vol.24 Ch.152 That "True Self" Vol.24 Ch.153 Ah! Hot Spring Vol.24 Ch.154 I Dub Thee "Yufuin" Vol.24 Ch.155 Fighting Wings Vol.25 Ch.156 One Who Is Pleased With Fighting Vol.25 Ch.157 The Wing Dances Vol.25 Ch.158 One-winged Angel Appears Vol.25 Ch.159 Agrowing Trick Vol.25 Ch.160 Now, What Must Be Done Vol.25 Ch.161 One Wing Vol.25 Ch.162 Goddess Of The AX Vol.26 Ch.163 Fighting Wings,Soar Vol.26 Ch.164 Joy And Duty Vol.26 Ch.165 Together With The Twin Angels Vol.26 Ch.166 In Order To Call Together Vol.26 Ch.167 Inside Belldandy Vol.26 Ch.168 Angel's Scenery Vol.26 Ch.169 That Which I Want To Save Vol.27 Ch.170 Planetwide Search Vol.27 Ch.171 Farewell Kiss Vol.27 Ch.172 Shoot Or Die! Vol.27 Ch.173 About To Shoot You Vol.27 Ch.174 Anyone There? Vol.27 Ch.175 That Flying Thing Vol.27 Ch.176 Proof Of Thanks Vol.28 Ch.177 Little Voice, Big Worry Vol.28 Ch.178 Something To Steal, Something To Protect Vol.28 Ch.179 What Can I Do For You Vol.28 Ch.180 Waterdropped Cat And The Magic Broom Vol.28 Ch.181 Fastest Broom, Most Exciting Race Vol.28 Ch.182 Courage And Practice Vol.29 Ch.183 Obstacles And Friendships Vol.29 Ch.184 Heaven And Hell Vol.29 Ch.185 Beautiful Name Vol.29 Ch.186 Wanted! Vol.29 Ch.187 The Path To Becoming A First Class Goddess Vol.29 Ch.188 The Power Of A First Class Goddess Vol.30 Ch.189 Happy! Happy? Vol.30 Ch.190 Messenger Of Happiness Vol.30 Ch.191 The Laws Of Cause&Effect Over Rain And Happiness Vol.30 Ch.192 A First Class Goddess For Whose Sake? Vol.30 Ch.193 Important Words Vol.30 Ch.194 Overflowing With Love Vol.31 Ch.195 Love Until Death Vol.31 Ch.196 Return Vol.31 Ch.197 Door Of Interdiction?! Vol.31 Ch.198 Caught? Caught! Vol.31 Ch.199 Goddess's Mission Vol.31 Ch.200 The One Who Will Open This Door Is You ❤ Vol.32 Ch.201 Let's Meet Again Vol.32 Ch.202 Paradise On Earth Vol.32 Ch.203 Firstr Encounter Vol.32 Ch.204 The Sound That Reaches; The Voice That Doesn't Vol.32 Ch.205 Grand Showdown Vol.32 Ch.206 Festival Vol.33 Ch.207 The Thing I Want To Make Vol.33 Ch.208 A New Door Vol.33 Ch.209 Debut Vol.33 Ch.210 A Journey's Opening Cheer Vol.33 Ch.211 Goddess Dash Vol.33 Ch.212 The Wind We Feel Together Vol.34 Ch.213 Happiness, Three Times Faster Vol.34 Ch.214 Engine Of Happiness Vol.34 Ch.215 Happy Monkey Generations Vol.34 Ch.216 For Your Sake I'll Fly-y-y Vol.34 Ch.217 My Important Words, Your Cool And Clear Future Vol.34 Ch.218 A Goddess's Divine Protection Vol.35 Ch.219 To A Higher Place! Vol.35 Ch.220 The Goddess Beyond The Lens Vol.35 Ch.221 Camera Talk Vol.35 Ch.222 Camera's Memories Vol.35 Ch.223 The Flower Can Continue To Bloom Vol.35 Ch.224 Drunken Queen Vol.36 Ch.225 And Then, Oblivion Vol.36 Ch.226 Temporarily-named Great Detective's Reasoning Vol.36 Ch.227 Why Does My Heart Throb So?! Vol.36 Ch.228 Overwritten Coupling Vol.36 Ch.229 Treachery, Collapsed Vol.36 Ch.230 Those Words, Again Vol.37 Ch.231 The Maid From The Sky Vol.37 Ch.232 The Melancholy Of A Clumsy Goddess Vol.37 Ch.233 A world Without Sound Vol.37 Ch.234 Change Of Tone Vol.37 Ch.235 The Error Diffusion Amplifies Vol.37 Ch.236 Hard Work Vol.38 Ch.237 The Motif Escaped To... Vol.38 Ch.238 Chrono's Dance Vol.38 Ch.239 A 1st Class Goddess Doesn't Lie Vol.38 Ch.240 The Banner of Revolution Vol.38 Ch.241 Birth Vol.38 Ch.242 Emergency Request!! Vol.39 Ch.243 We Shall Fulfill Your Dreams Vol.39 Ch.244 Close World Vol.39 Ch.245 Risk Everything Vol.39 Ch.246 The Demon Realm's Gate Vol.39 Ch.247 3 Godesses, 3 Demons Vol.39 Ch.248 Crystallization Of One Millionth Vol.39 Ch.249 The Utility of Misunderstanding Vol.40 Ch.250 Demon's Kiss Vol.40 Ch.251 Ride On Gluhendes Herz Vol.40 Ch.252 True Darkeness Vol.40 Ch.253 Melt Into The Darkness Vol.40 Ch.254 Shake, Darkness Vol.41 Ch.255 The Darkness is Pierced Vol.41 Ch.256 Brightness Vol.41 Ch.257 Fist of the Demon Vol.41 Ch.258 The Invincible Slyum Vol.41 Ch.259 The Temptation to Sleep Vol.41 Ch.260 Destruction and Breakthrough Vol.41 Ch.261 Superhuman Limits Vol.42 Ch.262 An Emergency?! Vol.42 Ch.263 The Law of Aesthetics Vol.42 Ch.264 Magic Cancellation Vol.42 Ch.265 The Power of Love - Mecha Charge!! Vol.42 Ch.266 Counter-Attack Shavings Vol.42 Ch.267 Mecha Soul Explosion!! Vol.42 Ch.268 Are You Ready? Vol.43 Ch.269 Quick Escape Contest!! Vol.43 Ch.270 The Cursed Door Vol.43 Ch.271 Energy Draining Away Vol.43 Ch.272 What I Can Do Because of You Vol.43 Ch.273 The Only One There Is Vol.43 Ch.274 A Non-Face-to-Face Meeting Vol.43 Ch.275 Time to Forfeit Vol.44 Ch.276 Full-Demon Urd Vol.44 Ch.277 That Which is Surely Present Vol.44 Ch.278 Flowers Blooming in the Demon Realm Vol.44 Ch.279 The Daimakaichou's Responsibility Vol.44 Ch.280 Demon Running Amok Vol.44 Ch.281 Bonds of the Sisters Vol.44 Ch.282 For the Pipsqueak's Sake Vol.45 Ch.283 Hagal's Confession Vol.45 Ch.284 The Daimakaicho's Fate Vol.45 Ch.285 The True Kiss Vol.45 Ch.286 The Interspecies Intimacy Inquisition System Vol.45 Ch.287 Judgement Gate Vol.45 Ch.288 The Meaning of Trust Vol.45 Ch.289 Choice Vol.46 Ch.290 That Which is Reflected in the Eyes Vol.46 Ch.291 The Scenery I Want You to See. The Soundscape I Want You to Hear Vol.46 Ch.292 Proceeding to His Land Vol.46 Ch.293 Crossing the Yet Unseen Sea Vol.46 Ch.294 Facing Resolution With Resolution Vol.46 Ch.295 Wall of the Daitenkaicho Vol.46 Ch.296 The First Challenge Vol.46 Ch.297 Magical Encouragement Vol.46 Ch.298 The Countdown of Life Vol.46 Ch.298.5 Extra Vol.46 Ch.299 The Interval Between Life and Death Vol.46 Ch.300 The Tracks of a Miracle Vol.46 Ch.301 Last Stage Vol.46 Ch.302 After the Victory Vol.47 Ch.303 A Spell for Love Vol.47 Ch.304 Divine Certification Vol.48 Ch.305 Back to Regular Life Vol.48 Ch.306 Stop Time Vol.48 Ch.307 The Amazing Pair Left on the Surface Vol.48 Ch.308 I Want to be with You Always Vol.48 Ch.308.5 To Everyone Who Loves [Megami-sama]
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