20th Century Boys

Vol.03 Ch.011 Man In Bangkok

Vol.01 Ch.001 Friend Vol.01 Ch.002 Karaoke Vol.01 Ch.003 The Boy Who Bought A Guitar Vol.01 Ch.004 Snot Towel Vol.01 Ch.005 Night Of The Science Room Vol.01 Ch.006 Flag On The Moon Vol.01 Ch.007 Softball Vol.01 Ch.008 Dig A Hole Vol.01 Ch.009 A Message Vol.01 Ch.010 Yukiji Vol.02 Ch.001 Friendship Vol.02 Ch.002 Otcho Vol.02 Ch.003 Chou-san Vol.02 Ch.004 Yama-san Vol.02 Ch.005 The Time For Human Extinction Vol.02 Ch.006 God Vol.02 Ch.007 Sister's Drawer Vol.02 Ch.008 Sister's Lover Vol.02 Ch.009 The Man Behind Vol.02 Ch.010 Prophet Vol.02 Ch.011 Open Your Eyes!! Vol.03 Ch.001 Hero With A Guitar Vol.03 Ch.002 Determination Vol.03 Ch.003 Showdown Vol.03 Ch.004 Brother Vol.03 Ch.005 Classmate Vol.03 Ch.006 One More... Vol.03 Ch.007 Sadakiyo Vol.03 Ch.008 Airport Explosion Vol.03 Ch.009 The Fated Child Vol.03 Ch.010 Since Then... Vol.03 Ch.011 Man In Bangkok Vol.04 Ch.001 Friendship Party Vol.04 Ch.002 Escape Vol.04 Ch.003 Connections Vol.04 Ch.004 Love And Peace Vol.04 Ch.005 Rainbow Kid Vol.04 Ch.006 Light Vol.04 Ch.007 Explosion Vol.04 Ch.008 Secret Base Vol.04 Ch.009 Robot Meeting Vol.04 Ch.010 Underground Emperor Vol.04 Ch.011 In The Darkness Vol.05 Ch.001 Invitation Vol.05 Ch.002 Not Alone Vol.05 Ch.003 Uncle Kenji Vol.05 Ch.004 Signal Vol.05 Ch.005 December 31st Vol.05 Ch.006 The Last Chapter Vol.05 Ch.007 Reunion Vol.05 Ch.008 Monument Vol.05 Ch.009 Detective Chouno Vol.05 Ch.010 Butterfly Vol.05 Ch.011 Two Aspirations Vol.06 Ch.001 Witness Vol.06 Ch.002 The Real Killer Vol.06 Ch.003 Umihotaru Vol.06 Ch.004 Monster Vol.06 Ch.005 Tunnel Vol.06 Ch.006 Being Chased... Vol.06 Ch.007 A Powerful Ally Vol.06 Ch.008 Good Luck Charm Vol.06 Ch.009 The Last Hope Vol.06 Ch.010 The Great Escape Vol.06 Ch.011 A Test Of Courage Vol.07 Ch.001 Escape Vol.07 Ch.002 Air Vol.07 Ch.003 Landing Vol.07 Ch.004 The Fair Of Dreams Vol.07 Ch.005 Koizumi Vol.07 Ch.006 God's Autograph Vol.07 Ch.007 Truth Vol.07 Ch.008 Control Room Vol.07 Ch.009 Showdown Vol.07 Ch.010 Fukubei Vol.07 Ch.011 Entry Vol.08 Ch.001 Decision Vol.08 Ch.002 Robot Vol.08 Ch.003 Kenji's Song Vol.08 Ch.004 Your Ride Vol.08 Ch.005 Tomodachi Land Vol.08 Ch.006 Escape Vol.08 Ch.007 A Request Vol.08 Ch.008 Grades Vol.08 Ch.009 The Plan Vol.08 Ch.010 The Hanging Hill Vol.08 Ch.011 Voices Speaking Vol.09 Ch.001 Don't Look Vol.09 Ch.002 Nightmare Vol.09 Ch.003 Real Fight Vol.09 Ch.004 Rabbit Nabokov Vol.09 Ch.005 ESP Vol.09 Ch.006 Confessions Vol.09 Ch.007 The New Book of Prophecy Vol.09 Ch.008 On the Pulpit Vol.09 Ch.009 Savior Vol.09 Ch.010 The Assassination Vol.09 Ch.011 The Assassin's Bullet Vol.10 Ch.001 Ceasefire Vol.10 Ch.002 Crossroads Vol.10 Ch.003 Surveillance Vol.10 Ch.004 A New Teacher Vol.10 Ch.005 Terrifying Answers Vol.10 Ch.006 Collector Vol.10 Ch.007 Soliloquy Vol.10 Ch.008 Room of a Friend Vol.10 Ch.009 boy Without a Face Vol.10 Ch.010 Boy with a Face Vol.10 Ch.011 Thunder Vol.11 Ch.001 An Abyss of Despair Vol.11 Ch.002 List of Ingredients Vol.11 Ch.003 The Lie of 1970 Vol.11 Ch.004 Old Friendship Vol.11 Ch.005 Complete Devotion Vol.11 Ch.006 Aliens Vol.11 Ch.007 Sadakiyo's Decision Vol.11 Ch.008 Ruins Vol.11 Ch.009 Godzilla Vol.11 Ch.010 Mother's Words Vol.11 Ch.011 Yamane-kun Vol.11 Ch.012 Memories of the Science Room Vol.12 Ch.001 Differenet New Year's Eves Vol.12 Ch.002 Pilgrimage Vol.12 Ch.003 Self-Destruction Vol.12 Ch.004 A Secret Connection Vol.12 Ch.005 Library Vol.12 Ch.006 Science Room Vol.12 Ch.007 Under the Alcohol Lamp Vol.12 Ch.008 Him Vol.12 Ch.009 Gunshot ? Vol.12 Ch.010 Gunshot ? Vol.12 Ch.011 The Real Gunshot Vol.12 Ch.012 The Face of a Friend Vol.13 Ch.001 An Unremembered Man Vol.13 Ch.002 Friend's Death Vol.13 Ch.003 Round Table Meeting Vol.13 Ch.004 A Time of Reunions Vol.13 Ch.005 Confessions in 2003 Vol.13 Ch.006 A Real Man Vol.13 Ch.007 The Beginning of the End Vol.13 Ch.008 The Frog Empire Strikes Back ? Vol.13 Ch.009 The Frog Empire Strikes Back ? Vol.13 Ch.010 A Quiet Town in Germany Vol.13 Ch.011 A Stealthily Approaching Terror Vol.13 Ch.012 New Orders Vol.14 Ch.001 Memorial Vol.14 Ch.002 The True 1971 Vol.14 Ch.003 Evil Emperor Vol.14 Ch.004 Intruder Vol.14 Ch.005 The Day He Saw Something Vol.14 Ch.006 The Spoon-Bender Vol.14 Ch.007 Science Room, 1971 Vol.14 Ch.008 Encounter with the Past Vol.14 Ch.009 Identity Vol.14 Ch.010 Warped Memories Vol.14 Ch.011 My Summer Vacation Vol.14 Ch.012 Youth and Dreams Vol.15 Ch.001 Trite Prophecies Vol.15 Ch.002 A Trite Japanese Vol.15 Ch.003 The Tattooed Man Vol.15 Ch.004 The Writhing Truth Vol.15 Ch.005 Bravery in 2001 Vol.15 Ch.006 Farewell in 2001 Vol.15 Ch.007 What a Wonderful World Vol.15 Ch.008 The Greatest Show on Earth Vol.15 Ch.009 Gas-Mask Wearing Salesman Vol.15 Ch.010 Time Limit Vol.15 Ch.011 Long Live the Expo Vol.15 Ch.012 Before the Rainbow Vol.15 Ch.013 Over the Rainbow Vol.16 Ch.001 The Base of the Rainbow Vol.16 Ch.002 A True Friend Vol.16 Ch.003 In the Mirror Vol.16 Ch.004 The Real Hanging Hill Vol.16 Ch.005 The Real Ghost Vol.16 Ch.006 Superhuman Vol.16 Ch.007 Friend Era Vol.16 Ch.008 The Pole Vaulter Vol.16 Ch.009 Modern History Vol.16 Ch.010 The Imagination of Children Vol.16 Ch.011 Toybox Vol.17 Ch.001 Earth Defense Force Vol.17 Ch.002 Fight, Katsuo! Vol.17 Ch.003 Much Despair Vol.17 Ch.004 The Ice Queen Vol.17 Ch.005 Where Despair Began Vol.17 Ch.006 On a Journey Vol.17 Ch.007 The Weight of the Journey Vol.17 Ch.008 Officer at the End of the Earth Vol.17 Ch.009 Song at the End of the Earth Vol.17 Ch.010 Summer Homework Vol.17 Ch.011 Meeting at the Crossroads Cross-Counter Vol.18 Ch.001 Guta Lala ? Suda Lala Vol.18 Ch.002 The Two Still Alive Vol.18 Ch.003 Daughter… Vol.18 Ch.004 Everyone's Song Vol.18 Ch.005 Everyone, Gather Vol.18 Ch.006 Stand? Because I'm Standing, Joe Vol.18 Ch.007 Encore, Encore!! Vol.18 Ch.008 World Change Begins Vol.18 Ch.009 Things That Must Not Be Seen Vol.18 Ch.010 Things That Must Not Be Heard Vol.18 Ch.011 Things That Must Not Be Known Vol.19 Ch.001 The Last Trophy Vol.19 Ch.002 Doing the Impossible Vol.19 Ch.003 The City of Speed Vol.19 Ch.004 The Cartoonist Ujisa's Depression Vol.19 Ch.005 The People Who Break Through Vol.19 Ch.006 The Great Escape Vol.19 Ch.007 The Seven Samurai of the Wasteland Vol.19 Ch.008 Foooooooun It! Vol.19 Ch.009 Behind the Scenes Vol.19 Ch.010 The Worst Man Vol.19 Ch.011 The Man Who Came Home Vol.20 Ch.001 The Important Point Vol.20 Ch.002 The Time of the Holy Mother Vol.20 Ch.003 When the Frog Calls Vol.20 Ch.004 The Worst Man Vol.20 Ch.005 Contest for Mankind Vol.20 Ch.006 Who Is "Friend"!? Vol.20 Ch.007 Great Power Vol.20 Ch.008 Especially Me Vol.20 Ch.009 Which Way!? Vol.20 Ch.010 The Scenario with No Scenario Vol.20 Ch.011 24 Hour Humanity Vol.21 Ch.001 Who are You!? Vol.21 Ch.002 Hide and Seek Vol.21 Ch.003 The Pope's Messenger Vol.21 Ch.004 Let's Plaaaay Vol.21 Ch.005 The Aliens Arrive Vol.21 Ch.006 The "Friend" There and Now Vol.21 Ch.007 The Sequel to the Book of Prophecy Vol.21 Ch.008 Only That Remains Vol.21 Ch.009 Below This Flag Vol.21 Ch.010 Raise That Flag Vol.21 Ch.011 Confessions of a Mask Vol.22 Ch.001 After the Confession Vol.22 Ch.002 The Last Song Vol.22 Ch.003 People of Tokyo Vol.22 Ch.004 Your Battle Vol.22 Ch.005 You Will Live Vol.22 Ch.006 The Masked King Vol.22 Ch.007 Give Not to the Enemy Vol.22 Ch.008 The Next Legendary Detective Vol.22 Ch.009 Don't Do Anything Vol.22 Ch.010 The Beginning of Justice Vol.22 Ch.011 Protector of Justice Vol.22 Ch.012 The End of the Game Vol.22 Ch.013 Resolution
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