1/2 Prince

Vol.02 Ch.010 Odd Squad Inspired

Vol.01 Ch.001 A Prince Is Born Vol.01 Ch.002 The Gentle Wolf Vol.01 Ch.003 The Necromancer and the Bard Vol.01 Ch.004 The Prince and the Bard Vol.01 Ch.005 Rivals Vol.02 Ch.006 Miwa Vol.02 Ch.007 Wolf vs. YuLian Vol.02 Ch.008 Competition Start! Vol.02 Ch.009 Invincible Food Vol.02 Ch.010 Odd Squad Inspired Vol.02 Ch.011 The Heated Semi-finals Vol.03 Ch.012 Besieged on All Sides Vol.03 Ch.013 A White Lie Vol.03 Ch.014 Zhuo Ling Bin and Ou Yang Mei Vol.03 Ch.015 The Grand Melee Vol.03 Ch.016 The Truth, Discovered? Vol.03 Ch.017 A Dream of BL? Vol.04 Ch.018 Nan Gong Zui Vol.04 Ch.019 Unremorseful Battle Vol.04 Ch.020 Clash Vol.04 Ch.021 The Final Winner Vol.04 Ch.022 Total Gathering Vol.04 Ch.022.5 [1/2 Prince Sidestory] Diary Vol.05 Ch.023 Another Continent Vol.05 Ch.024 Jing and Wen Vol.05 Ch.025 The Distant 5000 Crystal Coins Vol.05 Ch.026 Demon Lord Kenshin Vol.05 Ch.027 The Concealed Mission Vol.05 Ch.028 Satan Vol.06 Ch.029 The Battle Begins Vol.06 Ch.030 Infinite City Will Never Fall Vol.06 Ch.031 GAME START Vol.06 Ch.032 French Kiss Vol.06 Ch.033 The Travelling Buskers Vol.06 Ch.034 The Hazardous Busking Vol.07 Ch.035 Military Parade Vol.07 Ch.036 The Date Vol.07 Ch.037 An Uninvited Guest Vol.07 Ch.038 A Fair Sky Is Meant to Blossom with Sunshine Vol.07 Ch.039 The Title of Undefeated Champion Vol.07 Ch.040 Battle of the Aces Vol.08 Ch.041 Differences in Reputation Vol.08 Ch.042 Wacko and DanDan Vol.08 Ch.043 The Horrors of Self-Aware NPCs Vol.08 Ch.044 The Daily Necessities of a Man Vol.08 Ch.045 The Invasion Vol.09 Ch.046 The Three Cities Unified Vol.09 Ch.047 The Meeting of the Five Overlords Vol.09 Ch.048 Divine Beast, An Rui Vol.09 Ch.049 Caelus' Return Vol.10 Ch.050 The NPC Rebellion Vol.10 Ch.051 The Secret of Second Life Vol.10 Ch.052 Extraordinary Battleship Vol.10 Ch.053 Journey to the North Vol.11 Ch.054 The Disappearance of Wicked Vol.11 Ch.055 The Search for Survival Vol.11 Ch.056 The Gentleness of Gui Vol.11 Ch.057 Caelus' Rage Vol.11 Ch.058 Battle of Flower City Vol.12 Ch.059 Duel Vol.12 Ch.060 The Truth Vol.12 Ch.061 The First Real-life Gathering Vol.12 Ch.062 Into the Tiger's Den Vol.12 Ch.063 Secrets Of The Long Family Vol.12 Ch.064 Chasing Long Dian Vol.13 Ch.065 The Chaotic Second Life Vol.13 Ch.066 Arctic Fox's Special Training Vol.13 Ch.067 Departure Vol.13 Ch.068 Multiple Levels Vol.14 Ch.069 Eternal Legend Vol.14 Ch.070 The Legend of Eternity Vol.14 Ch.071 The Return of a New Prince Vol.14 Ch.072 Alf and Devil 13 Vol.14 Ch.073 To Infinite City Vol.15 Ch.074 White-Haired Prince Vol.15 Ch.075 Legend of the Legend The True Version of the End Vol.16 Ch.076 Vol.16 Ch.077 Vol.16 Ch.078 Vol.16 Ch.079 Vol.16 Ch.080
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