Yuusha ga Shinda!

Vol.01 Ch.009 Anri's Heart

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Sword Hero Vol.01 Ch.002 Necromancer Vol.01 Ch.003 Hero's Power Vol.01 Ch.004 Mana Vol.01 Ch.005 Expedition Vol.01 Ch.006 Demon's Heart Vol.01 Ch.007 Shapeshifting Vol.01 Ch.008 Human Worth Vol.01 Ch.009 Anri's Heart Vol.01 Ch.010 Hobby Vol.01 Ch.011 Bone Hero Vol.01 Ch.012 Engagement Vol.TBD Ch.013 Snacks Vol.TBD Ch.014 Mana-Loss Disease Vol.TBD Ch.015 Court Physician Vol.TBD Ch.016 Salvation Vol.TBD Ch.016.5 Neigan Vol.TBD Ch.017 Hero is dead. Vol.TBD Ch.018 Fake Vol.TBD Ch.019 Worthless Power Vol.TBD Ch.020 Bride Vol.TBD Ch.021 Catacomb Vol.TBD Ch.022 Body Fluid Vol.TBD Ch.023 Knowledge Vol.TBD Ch.024 Because of Your Lie Vol.TBD Ch.024.5 Touka's Birthday Vol.TBD Ch.024.6 Omake 2 Vol.TBD Ch.025 Magical Carriage Vol.TBD Ch.026 Countryside Town Vol.TBD Ch.027.1 Infection ① Vol.TBD Ch.027.2 Infection ② Vol.TBD Ch.028 Survivor Vol.TBD Ch.029 Possession Vol.TBD Ch.030 Yuna's Body Vol.TBD Ch.031 Magic Bow Vol.TBD Ch.032 Room of Steel Vol.TBD Ch.033 Rooftop Battle Vol.TBD Ch.034 Revenge Vol.TBD Ch.035.1 Enemy ① Vol.TBD Ch.035.2 Enemy ② Vol.TBD Ch.036 24 Hours Vol.TBD Ch.037 Magic Talent Vol.TBD Ch.038 Hunting Game Vol.TBD Ch.039 Fog Vol.TBD Ch.040 Annihilation Vol.TBD Ch.041 Master Vol.TBD Ch.042 Magic Technician’s Workshop Vol.TBD Ch.043 If It’s Just Like That Time Vol.TBD Ch.044 Time Leap Vol.TBD Ch.045 World of Memories Part 1 Vol.TBD Ch.046 World of Memories Part 2 Vol.TBD Ch.047 World of Memories Part 3 Vol.TBD Ch.047.2 World of Memories Part 4 Vol.TBD Ch.048 Magic Warriors Vol.TBD Ch.049 The Mayor’s Fortune Vol.TBD Ch.050 To Elbania Vol.TBD Ch.051 Breaking In Vol.TBD Ch.052 Infiltration Vol.TBD Ch.053 Vol.TBD Ch.054 Promise Vol.TBD Ch.055 Giant Vol.TBD Ch.056 Fair and Square Vol.TBD Ch.057 Absorption Vol.TBD Ch.058 Thrill Vol.TBD Ch.059 Indigestion Vol.TBD Ch.060 Reunion Vol.TBD Ch.061 Realm Of The Holy Sword Vol.TBD Ch.062 Disappearance Vol.TBD Ch.063 Equal Footing Vol.TBD Ch.063.1 Omake 7 Vol.TBD Ch.063.5 Vol.TBD Ch.064 Youth Vol.TBD Ch.065 Sage Vol.TBD Ch.066 Monsters Vol.TBD Ch.067 The Result of Trying to Conquer Touka-san as the Princess Vol.TBD Ch.068 Responsibility Vol.TBD Ch.069 Companions Vol.TBD Ch.070 Magic Fetus Trees Vol.TBD Ch.071 Disqualified as a Friend Vol.TBD Ch.072 Training Start Vol.TBD Ch.073 Within The Huge Tree Vol.TBD Ch.074 Ripley Vol.TBD Ch.075 Battle with the Dragon Vol.TBD Ch.076 Witch Vol.TBD Ch.077 Goblin Devil Vol.TBD Ch.078 Teleportation Vol.TBD Ch.079 High Ranked Magic Vol.TBD Ch.079.2 High Ranked Magic 2 Vol.TBD Ch.080 Resurrecting the Dead Vol.TBD Ch.081 Petrification Vol.TBD Ch.082 Damn Pants Vol.TBD Ch.083 Dorothy Vol.TBD Ch.084 Touka’s Weapon Vol.TBD Ch.085 Fiend Vol.TBD Ch.086 Roselia Vol.TBD Ch.087 Demon Lord's Corpse Vol.TBD Ch.088 City Entrance Vol.TBD Ch.088.2 Vol.TBD Ch.089 Torture Vol.TBD Ch.090 Hero-Hunt Vol.TBD Ch.091 Kindness Vol.TBD Ch.092 Losing Weight Vol.TBD Ch.093 A Fight to the Death in the Bath Vol.TBD Ch.094 Forest of Deserted Houses Vol.TBD Ch.095 Childhood Friend Vol.TBD Ch.096 Labyrinth City Vol.TBD Ch.097 Rats Vol.TBD Ch.098 Operation Arad Castle Vol.TBD Ch.099 2 Minute Battle Vol.TBD Ch.099.2 2 Minute Battle (2) Vol.TBD Ch.100 Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Vol.TBD Ch.101 Temple Vol.TBD Ch.102 Before Anyone Else Vol.TBD Ch.103 Fusion Vol.TBD Ch.104 Elimination Vol.TBD Ch.105 Bridget Bladedarts Vol.TBD Ch.106 Number One Vol.TBD Ch.107 Defeat Vol.TBD Ch.108 Fulfilling One’s Duty Vol.TBD Ch.109 Bad Luck Vol.TBD Ch.110 Whirlwind Vol.TBD Ch.111 A Lonely Little Girl Vol.TBD Ch.112 Berries Vol.TBD Ch.113 Relying on Others Vol.TBD Ch.114 Neuremphia VS Rexboz Vol.TBD Ch.115 Demon Lord's Left Arm Vol.TBD Ch.116 Identity Vol.TBD Ch.117 1000 Years Ago Vol.TBD Ch.118 Hell's Gate Vol.TBD Ch.119 Reminisce About Elbania Vol.TBD Ch.120 God's Armoury Vol.TBD Ch.121 Reinforcement Vol.TBD Ch.121.5 Volume 08-011 Omake Vol.TBD Ch.122 Reason For Battle Vol.TBD Ch.123 Spiritual Connection Vol.TBD Ch.124 Leonard’s Dream Vol.TBD Ch.125 The Meaning of Sacrifice Vol.TBD Ch.126 Kneesocks Vol.TBD Ch.127 Vol.TBD Ch.128 Vol.TBD Ch.129 Vol.TBD Ch.130 Vol.TBD Ch.131 Vol.TBD Ch.132 Thirteen Generations Vol.TBD Ch.133 Vol.TBD Ch.134 Vol.TBD Ch.135 Vol.TBD Ch.136 Vol.TBD Ch.137 Gift Vol.TBD Ch.138 Vol.TBD Ch.139 Chariot Vol.TBD Ch.140 Vol.TBD Ch.141 Method of Conveying Feelings Vol.TBD Ch.142 Vol.TBD Ch.143 Vol.TBD Ch.144 Vol.TBD Ch.145 Vol.TBD Ch.146 Vol.TBD Ch.147 Vol.TBD Ch.148 Operation Commencement Vol.TBD Ch.149 Vol.TBD Ch.150 Vol.TBD Ch.151 Vol.TBD Ch.152 Vol.TBD Ch.153 Vol.TBD Ch.154 Revenge Vol.TBD Ch.155 Vol.TBD Ch.156 Reincarnation Necromancy Vol.TBD Ch.157 Vol.TBD Ch.158 100K vs 5K Vol.TBD Ch.159 Vol.TBD Ch.160 Vol.TBD Ch.161 Farom's Knights Vol.TBD Ch.162 Light Vol.TBD Ch.163 Vol.TBD Ch.164 Aftermath of Battl Vol.TBD Ch.165 Vol.TBD Ch.166 Perfect Clone Vol.TBD Ch.167 Vol.TBD Ch.168 Vol.TBD Ch.169 Vol.TBD Ch.170 Vol.TBD Ch.171 Vol.TBD Ch.172 Magic Civilization Vol.TBD Ch.173 Tower Vol.TBD Ch.174 Present Vol.TBD Ch.175 Escape from the Capital Vol.TBD Ch.176 Vol.TBD Ch.177 Freedom of Thought Vol.TBD Ch.178 Give It Your All Vol.TBD Ch.179 Vol.TBD Ch.180 Civilian Meatshield Vol.TBD Ch.181 Isaac's Room Vol.TBD Ch.182 Isaac VS Margaret Vol.TBD Ch.183 Vol.TBD Ch.184 Vol.TBD Ch.185 Vol.TBD Ch.186 Vol.TBD Ch.187 Vol.TBD Ch.188 Vol.TBD Ch.189 Vol.TBD Ch.190 Vol.TBD Ch.191 Difference in Effort Vol.TBD Ch.192 Gate to the Other World Vol.TBD Ch.193 Teamwork Vol.TBD Ch.194 Vol.TBD Ch.195 Vol.TBD Ch.196 Vol.TBD Ch.197 Vol.TBD Ch.198 Vol.TBD Ch.199 Vol.TBD Ch.200 Vol.TBD Ch.201 Vol.TBD Ch.202
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