Team Medical Dragon

Vol.05 Ch.039 Shift

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Awakening of the Dragon Vol.01 Ch.002 A Patient We Can Kill Vol.01 Ch.003 The Interns of Japan Vol.01 Ch.004 The Reality of Surgeons Vol.01 Ch.005 A Different Breed Vol.01 Ch.006 Hospital-Acquired Infection Vol.01 Ch.007 A Living Human Vol.02 Ch.008 An Escaping Life Vol.02 Ch.009 A Doctor's Use of Violence Vol.02 Ch.010 The Price of Changing Hospitals Vol.02 Ch.011 The Death-Bringing Pacemaker Vol.02 Ch.012 The Professor's Selected Model Vol.02 Ch.013 Those Who Leave the Departament Vol.02 Ch.014 Clinical Trial of an Anti-Cancer Agent Vol.02 Ch.015 The Will of the Patient Vol.03 Ch.016 The Quality of Life Vol.03 Ch.017 Suicide Patient Vol.03 Ch.018 A Patient Without Insurance Vol.03 Ch.019 The Dilema of a Medical Student Vol.03 Ch.020 Consumed Interns Vol.03 Ch.021 Routine Professor's Conference Vol.03 Ch.022 Image Training Vol.03 Ch.023 Assistant Vol.04 Ch.024 Katou's Ten Stitches Vol.04 Ch.025 A Live Sacrificial Patient Vol.04 Ch.026 Batista Patient Number One Vol.04 Ch.027 Thesis vs. Patient Vol.04 Ch.028 Two Days Before Batista Vol.04 Ch.029 The First Batista Operation Vol.04 Ch.030 Beating Cardiac Muscle Vol.04 Ch.031 Dynamic Visualization Vol.05 Ch.032 Medically Ultra Vires Act Vol.05 Ch.033 Violation of Medical Practitioners' Law Vol.05 Ch.034 Batista Operation Complete Vol.05 Ch.035 Hospital Ethics Committee Vol.05 Ch.036 Nurses and Doctors Vol.05 Ch.037 Medical Society Instigator Vol.05 Ch.038 Doctor on Call Vol.05 Ch.039 Shift Vol.06 Ch.040 Research Race Vol.06 Ch.041 ER Vol.06 Ch.042 Dangerous Anesthesia Vol.06 Ch.043 Distance from Patients Vol.06 Ch.044 Experiments with Human Subjects Vol.06 Ch.045 Doctors Playing with Medication Vol.06 Ch.046 Disclosure Vol.06 Ch.047 Final Words Vol.07 Ch.048 Near DOA Vol.07 Ch.049 Perfect Teamwork Vol.07 Ch.050 Concealment of Medical Malpractices Vol.07 Ch.051 Dropout Vol.07 Ch.052 Professor's Recommendation Vol.07 Ch.053 Preoperative Evaluation Vol.07 Ch.054 Palpation Vol.07 Ch.055 Tripartite of Medicine Vol.07 Ch.056 Reformer Vol.08 Ch.057 Proponent Vol.08 Ch.058 Mallory-Weiss Vol.08 Ch.059 N.Y.H.A. Classification Vol.08 Ch.060 Disc Vol.08 Ch.061 Electoral Reform Committee Vol.08 Ch.062 Co-Worker Vol.08 Ch.063 Operating Room No. 9 Vol.08 Ch.064 The Leak Vol.08 Ch.065 A Professor's Qualification Vol.09 Ch.066 The Second Enemy Vol.09 Ch.067 The Allies Vol.09 Ch.068 Those in White Coats Vol.09 Ch.069 The Extraodinary Reunion of the Professors Vol.09 Ch.070 On Stand By Vol.09 Ch.071 Clinical Experience Vol.10 Ch.074 Beyond Expectations Vol.10 Ch.075 Secret Information Vol.10 Ch.076 Support Vol.10 Ch.077 The Deliberation Game Vol.10 Ch.078 Silence Vol.10 Ch.079 Assessment Vol.10 Ch.080 Leaving the Room Vol.10 Ch.081 Hands Vol.11 Ch.082 Reverse Position Vol.11 Ch.083 The New Batista Vol.11 Ch.084 Operation Over Vol.11 Ch.085 Raising the Curtain on the Election Campaign Vol.11 Ch.086 The Election Administration Vol.11 Ch.087 That's That Vol.11 Ch.088 Strategy Vol.11 Ch.089 The One Who Came From the West Vol.11 Ch.090 The Third Man Vol.12 Ch.091 Online Vol.12 Ch.092 Secret Weapon Vol.12 Ch.093 Complete Organ Removal Vol.12 Ch.094 Wrong Choice Vol.12 Ch.095 Whirlpool of Power Vol.12 Ch.096 Odds and Ends Vol.12 Ch.097 Disadvantages Vol.12 Ch.098 Don't Go Vol.13 Ch.099 Dice Vol.13 Ch.100 An Ordinary Person's Radiance Vol.13 Ch.101 Brainwashing Vol.13 Ch.102 Level Vol.13 Ch.103 Ijuuin's Strength Vol.13 Ch.104 The Request Vol.13 Ch.105 Departure Vol.13 Ch.106 The Arena Vol.14 Ch.107 The Strongest Armor Vol.14 Ch.108 Returning the Favor Vol.14 Ch.109 Proposal Vol.14 Ch.110 Keeping Silent Vol.14 Ch.111 Milk Vol.14 Ch.112 What I Want Vol.14 Ch.113 Mourning Vol.14 Ch.114 Privilege Vol.15 Ch.115 Goodbye Vol.15 Ch.116 Getting Ahead Vol.15 Ch.117 Head of the family Vol.15 Ch.118 Hurdle Vol.15 Ch.119 Urgent first aid Vol.15 Ch.120 ABDC Vol.15 Ch.121 Ken, Pa Vol.15 Ch.122 Bad Weather Vol.16 Ch.123 I'm Not a Hero, But... Vol.16 Ch.124 Coming Out Vol.16 Ch.125 The Kid Vol.16 Ch.126 Idiot Vol.16 Ch.127 Salute Vol.16 Ch.128 A Glimmer of Righteousness Vol.16 Ch.129 Consciousness 30 Vol.16 Ch.130 Good Night Vol.16 Ch.131 Wake up Vol.17 Ch.132 Bereaved Family Vol.17 Ch.133 Glasses Vol.17 Ch.134 Women Vol.17 Ch.135 Morning Sickness Vol.17 Ch.136 Childbirth and Childcare Vol.17 Ch.137 Observing Vol.17 Ch.138 Lingering Affection Vol.17 Ch.139 A She-Devil Vol.17 Ch.140 The Call Vol.18 Ch.141 Priority Vol.18 Ch.142 No Meaning Vol.18 Ch.143 Follow Vol.18 Ch.144 Changing Positions Vol.18 Ch.145 Resolution Vol.18 Ch.146 Balancing Life and Work Vol.18 Ch.147 No Chances of Winning Vol.18 Ch.148 LO Vol.18 Ch.149 12.31 Vol.19 Ch.150 Guest Vol.19 Ch.151 Closer Than Ever Vol.19 Ch.152 Cohort Vol.19 Ch.153 Us Armed Forces Vol.19 Ch.154 All-Stars Vol.19 Ch.155 Council for Quality Healthcare Vol.19 Ch.156 Ambitions and Life Vol.19 Ch.157 Splendid Medical Care Vol.20 Ch.158 Katou's Plan Vol.20 Ch.159 Noguchi's Principle Vol.20 Ch.160 Reduction and Provocation Vol.20 Ch.161 Rank Vol.20 Ch.162 Partner Vol.20 Ch.163 Invitations Vol.20 Ch.164 Dirty Vol.20 Ch.165 Rock bottom Vol.21 Ch.166 Vol.21 Ch.167 Vol.21 Ch.168 Vol.21 Ch.169 Passing the Baton Vol.21 Ch.170 Come and go Vol.21 Ch.171 Vol.21 Ch.172 Vol.21 Ch.173 Vol.21 Ch.174 Vol.22 Ch.175 Vol.22 Ch.176 Vol.22 Ch.177 Vol.22 Ch.178 Vol.22 Ch.179 Vol.22 Ch.180 Vol.22 Ch.181 Vol.22 Ch.182 Vol.22 Ch.183 Vol.23 Ch.183 Vol.23 Ch.184 Vol.23 Ch.185 Vol.23 Ch.186 Vol.23 Ch.187 Vol.23 Ch.188 Vol.23 Ch.189 Vol.23 Ch.190 Vol.23 Ch.191 Vol.23 Ch.192 Vol.24 Ch.193 Vol.24 Ch.194 Vol.24 Ch.195 Vol.24 Ch.196 Vol.24 Ch.197 Vol.24 Ch.198 Vol.24 Ch.199 Vol.24 Ch.200 Vol.24 Ch.201 Vol.25 Ch.202 Vol.25 Ch.203 Vol.25 Ch.204 Vol.25 Ch.205 Vol.25 Ch.206 Vol.25 Ch.207 Vol.25 Ch.208 Vol.25 Ch.209 Vol.25 Ch.210 Vol.25 Ch.210.5
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