Rokudenashi Blues

Vol.16 Ch.148 An Arm And A Leg

Vol.01 Ch.001 Here Comes Taison Vol.01 Ch.002 Desire to be World Champion Vol.01 Ch.003 Just Another Man Vol.01 Ch.004 Vol.01 Ch.005 Vol.01 Ch.006 Vol.01 Ch.007 Vol.01 Ch.008 Vol.02 Ch.009 Vol.02 Ch.010 Vol.02 Ch.011 Vol.02 Ch.012 Vol.02 Ch.013 Vol.02 Ch.014 Vol.02 Ch.015 Vol.02 Ch.016 Vol.02 Ch.017 Vol.02 Ch.018 Vol.03 Ch.019 Vol.03 Ch.020 Vol.03 Ch.021 Vol.03 Ch.022 Vol.03 Ch.023 Vol.03 Ch.024 Vol.03 Ch.025 Vol.03 Ch.026 Vol.03 Ch.027 Vol.03 Ch.028 Time Up Vol.04 Ch.029 Vol.04 Ch.030 Vol.04 Ch.031 Vol.04 Ch.032 Vol.04 Ch.033 Vol.04 Ch.034 Vol.04 Ch.035 Vol.04 Ch.036 Vol.04 Ch.037 Vol.04 Ch.038 Vol.05 Ch.039 Vol.05 Ch.040 Vol.05 Ch.041 41-43 Vol.05 Ch.042 Vol.05 Ch.043 Vol.05 Ch.044 Vol.05 Ch.045 Vol.05 Ch.046 Uneasy Blues Vol.05 Ch.047 Vol.05 Ch.048 Vol.06 Ch.049 Vol.06 Ch.050 It's So Like A Sitcom Vol.06 Ch.051 Honky Tonk Man Vol.06 Ch.052 Leaving School in Mid-course Vol.06 Ch.053 Come Home Taison Vol.06 Ch.054 Something More Important to Kazumi Vol.06 Ch.055 Don't Wait Around Vol.06 Ch.056 The 1500 Meters of Death Vol.06 Ch.057 Koheiji - Finally Vol.06 Ch.058 All The Way Down Vol.07 Ch.059 The Marlboro Man Vol.07 Ch.060 CUT-MAN SERCHING Vol.07 Ch.061 BOXER,BOXER Vol.07 Ch.062 BANG A GONG Vol.07 Ch.063 THE SHOWDOWN Vol.07 Ch.064 AND CHAVEZ,AND LEONARD Vol.07 Ch.065 THE SORROW OF BRUTUS Vol.07 Ch.066 As Tears Go By Vol.07 Ch.067 Lunch Time Boogie - A Very Playful Afternoon Vol.07 Ch.068 What It Takes To Be A Great Man Vol.08 Ch.069 The Wrath of Dead or Alive Vol.08 Ch.070 We Finally Begin To Hear About How Taison Got Here Vol.08 Ch.071 Kansai Calling Vol.08 Ch.072 Don't Fight On The Train! Vol.08 Ch.073 The Terrace At Kiyomizu Is High Vol.08 Ch.074 All Your Kisses Still Taste Sweet Vol.08 Ch.075 Kyokutou Five-Man Raid Vol.08 Ch.076 Need You Tonight Vol.08 Ch.077 Is Puchi's Mother Worried? Vol.08 Ch.078 A Woman Who Plays Around With Men Vol.09 Ch.079 Standing In The Shadow Vol.09 Ch.080 Shourinji Vol.09 Ch.081 Tatsuyoshi Vol.09 Ch.082 Taison went to Tokyo... Vol.09 Ch.083 Naeryo Chagi Vol.09 Ch.084 Start It Up Vol.09 Ch.085 No Mas Vol.09 Ch.086 Indecision and Ponytails Vol.09 Ch.087 Everyone's Feelings Vol.09 Ch.088 Koheiji Planning Vol.10 Ch.089 I'll Take Care Of Her! Vol.10 Ch.090 Fifteen Minutes Vol.10 Ch.091 At The End Of The Trip... Vol.10 Ch.092 Brand New Rude Boys Vol.10 Ch.093 Mixed Emotions Vol.10 Ch.094 Shimabukuro's Very Embarrassing Secret Vol.10 Ch.095 What Goes Around Comes Around Vol.10 Ch.096 Fighter - Nakajima Junichi Vol.10 Ch.097 The Curse Of The Black Cat With One White Ear Vol.11 Ch.098 Career Opportunities Vol.11 Ch.099 Even Then, Seiji... Vol.11 Ch.100 Expelled Vol.11 Ch.101 A Stupidly Epic Battle Royale Vol.11 Ch.102 From U.S.A. Vol.11 Ch.103 J.B.C. Vol.11 Ch.104 Bitter Feelings Vol.11 Ch.105 A Boxer Can't Always Do What They Want Vol.11 Ch.106 Time For Truth Vol.11 Ch.107 Soul Vol.12 Ch.108 A Comfortable Place Vol.12 Ch.109 I Need A Dream Vol.12 Ch.110 No Future Vol.12 Ch.111 It's All Right Vol.12 Ch.112 Maeda - Girl Version Vol.12 Ch.113 Memories of That Night Vol.12 Ch.114 Memories of That Night Vol.12 Ch.115 The Great Ape of the North and the Pig of the South Vol.12 Ch.116 Wide Forehead, Large Nose Vol.12 Ch.117 Brotherhood and Honor Vol.13 Ch.118 Linda Linda Vol.13 Ch.119 I'll Work Hard! Vol.13 Ch.120 I Am Taison Sad People Vol.13 Ch.121 "Cherry" Hard Money Vol.13 Ch.122 Bolt From The Blue Vol.13 Ch.123 To Marry or not to Marry Vol.13 Ch.124 Even Shinran Might Smile Vol.13 Ch.125 Mony Mony Vol.13 Ch.126 What I Would Want to Do Vol.13 Ch.127 It Takes a Great Man to Understand One Vol.13 Ch.128 Making Progress in His Own Way Vol.13 Ch.129 Take It So Easy Vol.13 Ch.199 Sell Those T-Shirts! Vol.13 Ch.200 The Case of the Mass Suspensions Vol.13 Ch.201 Tokyo City Elegy Vol.13 Ch.202 Present For You Vol.13 Ch.203 Rokudenashi Bwues VI Vol.14 Ch.130 Rebel for a Cause Vol.14 Ch.131 Let's Go to Shibuya Vol.14 Ch.132 Sell Those Tickets! Vol.14 Ch.133 While Searching for Each Other Vol.14 Ch.134 Means of Escape Vol.14 Ch.135 In the Heart Vol.14 Ch.136 Bleed All Round Vol.14 Ch.137 Falling Down! Vol.14 Ch.138 Search and Destroy Vol.14 Ch.139 Fighting for Friends Vol.14 Ch.140 Six-Oh-Eight Vol.14 Ch.141 The Takoyaki Stand In the Cash Vol.14 Ch.142 On the other side of the phone call Vol.15 Ch.143 Ch 143 Knowing Friendship Vol.15 Ch.144 Ch 144 Going Down Singing Vol.15 Ch.145 Ch 145- Real Fightin' Vol.15 Ch.146 Ch 146 One Hit to the Jaw Vol.15 Ch.147 Ch 147 Revolution Vol.16 Ch.148 An Arm And A Leg Vol.16 Ch.149 Crush On You Vol.16 Ch.150 Ch 150 All the Young Cunts Vol.16 Ch.151 I Don't Want To Repeat A Year Vol.16 Ch.152 "More Many Bluechu <3 Vol.16 Ch.153 Flowers for a Winner Vol.16 Ch.154 You're Really Not a Bad Guy Vol.16 Ch.155 Making a Decision Vol.16 Ch.156 OSEKKAI - Ask Sekichi Vol.16 Ch.157 Approaching my 6th Spring Vol.16 Ch.158 Graduation Vol.16 Ch.159 Koheiji Gundan Vol.16 Ch.160 Pineapple Vol.16 Ch.161 Lost In The High School Vol.17 Ch.162 Join Me Vol.17 Ch.163 Lonely Boy Vol.17 Ch.164 Who Watches The Fighters? Vol.17 Ch.165 Sharpness And Wit Vol.17 Ch.166 Gonna Fight It Vol.17 Ch.167 Under The Bandana Vol.18 Ch.168 Can You Wrestle? Vol.18 Ch.169 A Message To You Rudy Vol.18 Ch.170 No One Knows What's In The Checkered Gingham Vol.18 Ch.171 That Poor Shopkeeper Vol.18 Ch.172 Pineapple Strikes Back Vol.18 Ch.173 Sumo Wrestling Vol.18 Ch.174 I Make The Rules Vol.18 Ch.175 High School Teacher '91 Vol.18 Ch.176 Dear Picture Vol.18 Ch.177 Happy Wedding Vol.19 Ch.178 New Artwork Vol.19 Ch.179 Rokudenashi Bwues IV Vol.19 Ch.180 The Big Four Vol.19 Ch.181 Italia Vol.19 Ch.182 Run, Hiroto! Vol.19 Ch.183 Station To Station Vol.19 Ch.184 Transfer To The Ginza Line! Vol.19 Ch.185 Asakusa Kids Vol.19 Ch.186 Hanayashiki Crisis Vol.19 Ch.187 A Children's Playground Vol.20 Ch.188 Worthless Plans Vol.20 Ch.189 Vol.20 Ch.190 Vol.20 Ch.191 Vol.20 Ch.192 Vol.20 Ch.193 Vol.20 Ch.194 Vol.20 Ch.195 Vol.20 Ch.196 Vol.20 Ch.197 Vol.20 Ch.198 Rokudenashi Bwues V Vol.21 Ch.199 Sell Those T-Shirts! Ch.212 Taison Lost To... Vol.21 Ch.200 The Case of the Mass Suspensions Vol.21 Ch.201 Tokyo City Elegy Vol.21 Ch.202 Present For You Vol.21 Ch.203 Rokudenashi Bwues ♡ VI Vol.21 Ch.204 Vol.21 Ch.205 Those Who Want To Fight Vol.21 Ch.206 Everyone's Own Principles Vol.21 Ch.207 Reconciliation Vol.21 Ch.208 An Unforeseen Situation Vol.21 Ch.209 How Much Do You Weigh Now? Vol.21 Ch.210 The Mosquito's Real Power Vol.21 Ch.211 Try Me And We'll See Who's Laughing Vol.21 Ch.226 Can You Hear Rhapsody? Vol.21 Ch.227 Son Of A Bitch Vol.21 Ch.228 Who's Mickey Rourke? Ch.213 We Were Held Back Ch.214 Let's Get On! Ch.215 Ch.216 Ch.217 Show Me Real Training Ch.218 What You Need For A Good Life Ch.219 Weight Control Ch.220 A Glorious Picture Ch.221 One Year Later, Round Three Ch.222 Ch.223 Vicious Ch.224 Challenge on the Ninth Day Ch.225 All I Ever Did Was Fight Ch.229 Ch.233 Ch.236 Ch.239 Ch.241 Ch.242 Ch.243 Ch.244 Ch.245 Ch.246 Ch.247 Ch.248 Ch.249 Ch.250 Ch.251 Ch.252 Ch.253 Ch.254 Ch.255 Ch.256 Ch.257 Ch.258 Ch.259 Ch.260 Ch.261 Ch.262 Ch.263 Ch.264 Ch.265 Ch.266 Ch.267 Ch.268 Ch.269 Ch.270 Ch.271 Ch.272 Ch.273 Ch.274 Ch.275 Ch.276 Ch.277 Ch.279 Ch.280 Ch.281 Ch.282 Ch.283 Ch.284 Ch.285 Ch.286 Ch.287 Ch.288 Ch.289 Ch.290
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