Iron Ladies

Ch.001 Iron Buddha

Ch.001 Iron Buddha Ch.002 Eight-Headed Serpent Ch.003 Choosing Life or Death Ch.004 Paying a Female Steamer with His Own Life Ch.005 Loser in a Ship Ch.006 New Recruits' Training Ch.007 Chinese Medicine Sisters Ch.008 I Still Need to Go Home and Cook Ch.009 You Really Think I Won’t Touch You? Ch.010 Not Knowing She’s the Goddess Ch.011 How Angels Are Made Ch.012 We’ll Be Sisters Again in Our Next Lives Ch.013 Rather Die Than Yield Ch.014 Dragon Empress, Devourer of Worlds Ch.015 Prelude of the Battle Ch.016 Off to Insect Queen Planet Ch.017 Surrounded by Insects Ch.018 Big Sis is Heading Out First Ch.019 Self-Destruction via Holy Blood Ch.020 Like a God Ch.021 Blades and Scale Swords Ch.022 Cloud-Piercing Laughter Ch.023 I’m Poor, I Don’t Have a Sports Car Ch.024 Monstrous Dragon Cry Ch.025 Carrying Away a Goddess Ch.026 Zhen Yuan the Lightning Tribulation Ch.027 Big Sis Isn’t Crying, Big Sis’s Heart Isn’t Aching Ch.028 Death-Seeking Squad Disobeys the Dragon Ch.029 On the Main Ship’s Deck Ch.030 Big Fish Has Taken the Bait Ch.031 Punched the Admiral Flying Ch.032 I Exhale and You Kneel Ch.033 On the Deck Ch.034 I am Beiyang’s Fleet Admiral Ch.035 Great Warlord Mu Siyun Ch.036 Beiyang’s New Goddess Ch.037 Creating a Soul Soldier Ch.038 You Really Think You’re Mu Siyun? Ch.039 Professor Resents the Fleet Admiral Ch.040 Goddess Resents the Professor Ch.041 Foster Father Mu’s Plan Ch.042 Foster Father Mu Went Undercover Ch.043 Foster Father Mu’s Dark Cuisine Ch.044 Praying to the Dragon King for Rain Ch.045 Witch Ch.046 Battle Between Heaven and Earth Ch.047 Invincible Ch.048 Ding Yuan, Let’s Go Ch.049 It Must Rain Ch.050 Straight into the Monster’s Den Ch.051 Ten Zhang Copper Mouth Ch.052 Soul Refinement - Ten Zhang Copper Mouth Ch.053 Soul Tier - Metal Battle Form Ch.054 Killing Them All Ch.055 Surrounded by Three Thousand Iron Ladies Ch.056 I Seek Power Ch.057 Change the Location Ch.058 Immortal Godmother Worships Foster Father Mu? Ch.059 Foster Father, Crying Isn’t a Sin Ch.060 Fallen Into Holy Blood Lake Ch.061 A Poor Guy Can Donate Too Ch.062 Fusing Battle Forms Ch.063 Alkaid Dynasty Ch.064 Immortal Godmother the Taoist Priest Ch.065 Carrying Away Immortal Godmother Ch.066 Big Sis, You’re Not Afraid of Other Girls Stealing Foster Father Away? Ch.067 Scum Provoked Big Sis Ch.068 I’m Not a Bad Guy Ch.069 Seventh Prince Wants to Fight Foster Father Mu for the Goddess Ch.070 Foster Father Mu Takes on Talents from All Over Ch.071 Seventh Prince Calls Out the Dragon King Ch.072 A Sophisticated Warlord is Scary Ch.073 You Thought Foster Father Mu Wasn’t Scheming? Ch.074 Refuses to be Convinced Until One is Faced with Grim Reality Ch.075 Who Dares to Hit the Professor? Ch.076 Evil Dragon to Save the Princess Ch.077 The Evil Dragon Bites Ch.078 Foster Father Will Beat Up the Bad Guys for You Ch.079 Sniper Battle Ch.080 Dark Gold Battle Form Ch.081 Furious Big Sis Ch.082 Rank One Battle Puppet Ch.083 A Loud Bang in The Skies Ch.084 Soul Tier Goddess’s Brilliant Debut Ch.085 What Should I Do If Soul Tier Goddess Steals Dan Dan Away! Ch.086 Evil Dragon Traps People Ch.087 Crispy Chicken Flavor Ch.088 Captured by the Queen and At a Loss What to Do Ch.089 Foster Father Puts Out a Long Line to Catch a Big Fish Ch.090 Dragon King’s Real Body Ch.091 Foster Father of the Whole Universe Ch.092 Ding Yuan, Goddess of Music Ch.093 Please Let Me be the Foster Mother Ch.094 A Powerful Bodyguard Ch.095 The Swift and Fierce China is Most Beautiful in Battle Ch.096 Afraid That You Aren’t Brave Enough Ch.097 Zhen Yuan is Obedient and Doesn’t Cause Trouble Ch.098 Gentle Girls Don’t Hit People Ch.099 Tearing Steel Plates Apart with Bare Hands Ch.100 Wild Beasts Don’t Need Techniques Ch.101 Inextinguishable Warrior Spirit Ch.102 Come With Me If You Want to Live it Up Ch.103 Justified to Sweep the Trash Ch.104 Teaching You the Ultimate Demon Technique Ch.105 Dragon’s Whiskers as the Strings Ch.106 Evil Dragon Protects the Shura Ch.107 Demon Mu of Melody Ch.108 Resting Dragon Chant Ch.109 Why Are You Forcing Me? Ch.110 A Safe Bodyguard Ch.111 Feel Free to Shoot My Head Off If You Disagree. Ch.112 Yihuo Planet Lord Provokes Evil Dragon Ch.113 Foster Father Smiles a Little Ch.114 Villains Indicted First Ch.115 Death Squad Attacks Dragon Queen Ch.116 Throwing You Ten Meters into Space Ch.117 Beiyang Treats Its Guests Well Ch.118 If You Wish For It, It Will Happen Ch.119 Are Shuras People? Ch.120 Demonic Tune Lights the Beacon Ch.121 Foster Father Will Take Responsibility Ch.122 Where Are You, Planet Lord? Ch.123 Being Confident and Free by Riding the Waves Ch.124 Ants Biting an Elephant to Death, Humans Crippling Gods Ch.125 Across Space Ch.126 Dragon Slayer Alliance Ch.127 It’s Over for the Evil Dragon? Ch.128 Drink Coffee, Eat Mousse Cake Ch.129 Out of the Way, I’m Starting… Ch.130 Rank One Puppet Substitution Ch.131 Return of the Evil Dragon Ch.132 Dark Clouds Covers the City Waiting to Bring it Down Ch.133 I Do Whatever I Want Ch.134 The Girls Are Here to Destroy Things Ch.135 Persuasion Through Reasoning Ch.136 Fists Can’t Solve Problems Ch.137 Still Believe in Justice? Ch.138 Hit Me If You Have What It Takes Ch.139 Raising My Cup, I Invite the Bright Moon Ch.140 You Thought Foster Father is a Good Person? Ch.141 How Can One Be a Prince Charming When One Isn’t Handsome? Ch.142 Click and We’ll Give You Immortal Godmother For Free Ch.143 Travel Across the Universe with Me Ch.144 Fighting Demons and Angels, Showing Arrogance to the Heavens Ch.145 Fleet Admirals are Civil Servants Ch.146 I Am Serious Ch.147 Please Accept Me Ch.148 Leader of Dragon Slayer Alliance Ch.149 Attending the Wedding Feast Ch.150 Bad (Xiong) Kids Don’t Cause Trouble Ch.151 Unarmed, Honest People Ch.152 Tell Foster Mother Who Dared to Hit You Ch.153 I Seek to Kneel Before Foster Father Ch.154 You Think I Wouldn’t Get Mad? You Think Foster Mother is a Sick Kitten? Ch.155 Did You Forget How Scary Big Sis Is? Ch.156 Invincible Waist Power Ch.157 Rank Two Puppet Ch.158 The Emperor Personally Leads the Battle Ch.159 Click and We’ll Give You Iron Pagoda Berserker Version For Free Ch.160 You Can Fight Ten at Once? Ch.161 Big Sis Faces Death Head On with a Smile Ch.162 Heavenly King Covers Earth Tiger Ch.163 The Moon of Qin Shines Yet Over the Passes of Han. Ch.164 So What If I Kill You? Ch.165 Big Sis’s Roasted Pork and Chicken Rice! Ch.166 The Three Kingdoms at the End of the Han Dynasty ♪ Ch.167 Special Agent Immortal Godmother Ch.168 To Work Like a Slave Ch.169 Man of Character Ch.170 There’s No Way We’ll Retire Ch.171 Fighting Through Tens of Thousands of Miles, Going Over Obstacles Like Mountains Ch.172 Thick Clouds Above the Blue Sea Cover the Snowy Mountain Ch.173 Seeking to Follow the Thousand Mile Horse on Foot Ch.174 Ch.175 Ch.176 Ch.177 Ch.178 Start the Game and We’ll Give You the Snake Style Blade For Free Ch.179 Watching the Show Ch.180 Three Thousand Strands of Blue Hair For A Moment of Arrogance Ch.181 I, Himiko, Would Rather Starve to Death Than… Ch.182 Victory? Ch.183 Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained Ch.184 Burning All Her Holy Blood Ch.185 Dragon Queen Studies and Not Fight Ch.186 Grilled Snake With Cumin Ch.187 Having A Clear Conscience Ch.188 Ch.189 Ch.190 Unknown Model Battle Puppet Ch.191 Draw Sword? Ch.192 Ch.193 A Priceless Ring Ch.194 Ch.195 Crow Rams Into Main Ship Ch.196 Yanyu Jiangnan Ch.197 Wouldn’t It Be Nice If You Surrender Reasonably? Ch.198 Everyone Is Responsible Ch.199 The Sound of a Laugh Throughout the Universe Ch.200 Ch.201 He Reduced the Powerful Enemy Ships to Dust Ch.202 I’m Sorry, It’s My Fault Ch.203 Friendly Greetings Ch.204 Honing Acting Skills Ch.205 Evil Dragon and His Sinister Plot Ch.206 King of Solitary Ch.207 Beiyang’s Uneducated Villager Ch.208 Fleet Admiral Secretly Observes Talented Person Ch.209 Ch.210 Ch.211 Ch.212 Ch.213 Ch.214 Ch.215 Ch.216 Beiyang’s Traitor Ch.217 Every Man for Himself Ch.218 Sword of State Ch.219 My APM is Too High Ch.220 Two-Legged Yayu Ch.221 Half Body Monster Ch.222 I Am Kind Ch.223 Lay Down One's Arms Ch.224 Rap Battle Ch.225 Die On The Spot Ch.226 Solo God, Shit Team Player Ch.227 I’m Not Arrogant Ch.228 Gentle Iron Fist Ch.229 Jukun Fleet Ch.230 The Mistress is Mine, Evil Dragon is Dead Ch.231 Mu Xiao Pao Ch.232 Losing the Golden Feathers, Worse Than a Chicken Ch.233 Mistress, You Really Do Care About Me Ch.234 I Can Slay Angels Ch.235 Xiao Pao’s Kind Plan Ch.236 Poison to Others, Energy to Pao Ch.237 My Jukun Army Of A Million Soldiers Ch.238 What Animal Dares to Eat Kun? Ch.239 Crispy Ch.240 Scarily Laughing Like Ding Yuan Ch.241 Extremely Friendly Greeting Ch.242 Black Peppered Steak Flavor Ch.243 Ch.244 Ch.245 Ch.246 Ch.247 Ch.248 Ch.249 Miss, Come with Me to the Fleet Ch.250 Fleet Admiral Mu is Online Ch.251 Talent in War Ch.252 It Would Be Great If You Weren’t My Student Ch.253 Is It Over For Evil Dragon For Real This Time? Ch.254 Holy Corpses Battle Form Ch.255 I’m Not Afraid to Die Ch.256 Space Real Body Ch.257 You Think Being a Fleet Admiral is Fun? Ch.258 Seeking Your Own Death Ch.259 No Good Soldiers Under Evil Dragon Ch.260 Damn Gramps Are Kind as Hell Ch.261 Monster Lady Ch.262 Great War master Ch.262.5 Ch.263 heart of the divine race Ch.264 The Evil Dragon isn't Evil Enough Ch.265 Change For The Better With Love Ch.266 Beiyang is Afraid of Me Ch.267 Ch.268 Ch.269 Ch.270 Ch.271 My Body Became a Buddhist Relic Ch.272 Poetry Ch.273 Why do I love Ding Yuan? Ch.274 Triggered the Old Man, Now He Even Dares to Beat up God Ch.275 Rolling Thunder Ch.276 Who Agrees, Who Opposes Ch.277 Society's God Ch.278 God vs God Ch.279 The Calabash Brothers Don't Even Have More Than Me Ch.280 Dual Embodiment Ch.281 If I Become A Buddha Ch.282 Ch.283 The Second True God Soul Soldier Ch.284 I Chase You Ch.285 I'm not against you~ Ch.286 Pieces of the Sign of Anger Ch.287 Close Combat Mage Ch.288 Does Foster Father Mu Have a Heart? Ch.289 Lying Down To Get Shot Ch.290 Household Division Ch.291 Big Sister's Seal Has Been Lifted Ch.292 Pagoda Imperial City Ch.293 Ch.294 Ch.295 Ch.296 Ch.297 Is Godmother Actually Retarded? Ch.298 The Queen of Roasted Goose Rice Ch.299 Ch.300 Ch.301 Ch.302 Ch.303 Ch.304 Ch.305 Ch.306 New Family Head Ch.307 Inspirational Speech Ch.308 Ch.309 An Iron Soldier Walks to the End of the World Ch.310 Ch.311 Ch.312 Four Armed Mecha Ch.313 Shaolin Cook Ch.314 Ch.315 Ch.316 Ch.317 Ch.318 Ch.319 Ch.320 Foreign forces invade the Homeland Ch.321 Ch.322 Ch.323 Ch.324 Ch.325 Ch.326 Ch.327 Ch.328 Ch.329 Ch.330 Ch.331 Ch.332 Ch.333 Ch.334 Ch.335 Ch.336 Ch.337 Ch.338 Ch.339 Ch.340 Ch.341 Ch.342
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