Vol.04 Ch.026 Tanuki(fox)

Vol.01 Ch.001 Synchronicity Vol.01 Ch.002 From America Dorian Vol.01 Ch.003 From England Doyle Vol.01 Ch.004 From Russia Sikorski Vol.01 Ch.005 From America Speck Vol.01 Ch.006 From Japan Yanagi Ryuukou Vol.01 Ch.007 The Dark Arts Vol.02 Ch.008 Come Here A Minute! Vol.02 Ch.009 Monster Vol.02 Ch.010 Handshake Vol.02 Ch.011 Similiar Vol.02 Ch.012 Understimate Vol.02 Ch.013 Chinese Bun Vol.02 Ch.014 Modern Day Karate Vol.02 Ch.015 Dojo Ruin Vol.02 Ch.016 Retsu vs Dorian Vol.03 Ch.017 Fitness Test Vol.03 Ch.018 World Record Vol.03 Ch.019 Ready Go! Vol.03 Ch.020 Expectation Vol.03 Ch.021 They're Here!!! Vol.03 Ch.022 The Rules Vol.03 Ch.023 Begin Vol.03 Ch.024 Honorable Recovery Vol.03 Ch.025 Karate vs Science Vol.04 Ch.026 Tanuki(fox) Vol.04 Ch.027 Monsters skin Vol.04 Ch.028 Date Vol.04 Ch.029 The date II Vol.04 Ch.030 Beautiful Vol.04 Ch.031 A self-confident heart Vol.04 Ch.032 The god of destruction Vol.04 Ch.033 Wu-Hu-Xi-Lian-Da Vol.04 Ch.034 Dealing with the kid Vol.05 Ch.035 Want some more?! Vol.05 Ch.036 Firecrackers?! Vol.05 Ch.037 Flipped Like A Pancake Vol.05 Ch.038 Tameshi Waki Vol.05 Ch.039 Hanayama Vs Speck, The Concusion Vol.05 Ch.040 The Intelligence of Man Vol.05 Ch.041 The Surprise Visitor Vol.05 Ch.042 Sickle Tornado Vol.05 Ch.043 Molars Vol.06 Ch.044 Cowardice Vol.06 Ch.045 An Incredible Duo!! Vol.06 Ch.046 Toxic Gas Vol.06 Ch.047 6% Vol.06 Ch.048 The True Way of Martial Arts Vol.06 Ch.049 Real Fight Vs A Simple Match Vol.06 Ch.050 Aesthetics Vol.06 Ch.051 Senior Vol.06 Ch.052 From Chinese Hand to Empty Hand Vol.07 Ch.053 Underground Zone Vol.07 Ch.054 Deception Vol.07 Ch.055 Caring Towards His Master Vol.07 Ch.056 You're Nice Vol.07 Ch.057 You Know Life Vol.07 Ch.058 I Can Win Vol.07 Ch.059 ILLUSION Vol.07 Ch.060 Shaken to its Very Foundation Vol.07 Ch.061 Ishinshinkai Vol.08 Ch.062 A Million Students!!! Vol.08 Ch.063 Good Faith Vol.08 Ch.064 Yaaaaaah!! Vol.08 Ch.065 Uh? That's All? Vol.08 Ch.066 Fighting in the Air Vol.08 Ch.067 Stability Vol.08 Ch.068 Conclusion of the Fight in the Air!! Vol.08 Ch.069 Memory Vol.08 Ch.070 The Title of Kaiou Vol.09 Ch.071 Tiger Killer Vol.09 Ch.072 Resurrection Vol.09 Ch.073 Feelings Vol.09 Ch.074 Lips Vol.09 Ch.075 Trap Vol.09 Ch.076 Amazing Vol.09 Ch.077 Premonition Vol.09 Ch.078 Reunion Vol.09 Ch.079 Conclusion Vol.10 Ch.080 Tactics Vol.10 Ch.081 Explosion Vol.10 Ch.082 Twist Vol.10 Ch.083 Candy Vol.10 Ch.084 10 Minutes Later Vol.10 Ch.085 You Bastard!! Vol.10 Ch.086 A Kid After All... Vol.10 Ch.087 Mr. Oliva Vol.10 Ch.088 Hunter Vol.11 Ch.089 You Got a Nerve Vol.11 Ch.090 You're Boring Vol.11 Ch.091 Unforgivable Freedom Vol.11 Ch.092 Yet... Another Man Vol.11 Ch.093 Baki kun Vol.11 Ch.094 Death Dive Vol.11 Ch.095 Climber Vol.11 Ch.096 Round Three!! Vol.11 Ch.097 Bravo Vol.12 Ch.098 This Man, Again Vol.12 Ch.099 Let's Start Vol.12 Ch.100 Fight to Death Behind Closed Doors Vol.12 Ch.101 Aiki Vol.12 Ch.102 Judo Vol.12 Ch.103 Super Muscle Explosion Vol.12 Ch.104 Ippon! [Point!] Vol.12 Ch.105 Take It Vol.12 Ch.106 The Slashing Attack!! Vol.13 Ch.107 I'll Show You!! Vol.13 Ch.108 Ge-Hah! Vol.13 Ch.109 Leave Me Alone Vol.13 Ch.110 Ultimate Love Vol.13 Ch.111 Bring It! Vol.13 Ch.112 Happiness Vol.13 Ch.113 Nervous Vol.13 Ch.114 Old Man!! Vol.13 Ch.115 A Promise Vol.14 Ch.116 The Obsession of the Stronger Vol.14 Ch.117 What a Coincidence!! Vol.14 Ch.118 The Fierce Fighting Vol.14 Ch.119 The Fierce Fighting 2 Vol.14 Ch.120 Come for the Kill Vol.14 Ch.121 The End of the Fierce Night Vol.14 Ch.122 Defending Vol.14 Ch.123 Thanks Vol.14 Ch.124 Another Blast Vol.15 Ch.125 Idiot! Vol.15 Ch.126 Do You Admit It? Vol.15 Ch.127 Running Vol.15 Ch.128 A Strong Will Vol.15 Ch.129 Different Defeat Vol.15 Ch.130 Poison Punch Vol.15 Ch.131 The Result of the Poisoning Effect Vol.15 Ch.132 The Battle of the Poisoning Hand (1) Vol.15 Ch.133 The Battle of the Poisoning Hand (2) Vol.16 Ch.134 Another Deathly Martial Arts Master Vol.16 Ch.135 Another One... Vol.16 Ch.136 Too Late Vol.16 Ch.137 You're the Winner Vol.16 Ch.138 Let's Run!! Vol.16 Ch.139 The Seiken Vol.16 Ch.140 Consequence Vol.16 Ch.141 Blade Attack Vol.16 Ch.142 It's Not Working... Vol.17 Ch.143 Fighting Area Vol.17 Ch.144 Monster (Part One) Vol.17 Ch.145 Monster (Part Two) Vol.17 Ch.146 Dream Stage Vol.17 Ch.147 Confrontation of Raging Bulls!! Vol.17 Ch.148 Fighting with Weapons Vol.17 Ch.149 Small Monster Vol.17 Ch.150 Unforseen Battle Method Vol.17 Ch.151 Invisible Fear Vol.18 Ch.152 The Invisible Fear Vol.18 Ch.153 The Real Attack Vol.18 Ch.154 Countdown Vol.18 Ch.155 Extreme Violence Vol.18 Ch.156 The Source of Danger Vol.18 Ch.157 About Victory and Defeat Vol.18 Ch.158 The Reunion Vol.18 Ch.159 Grotesque Vol.18 Ch.160 An Enemy Called Death Vol.19 Ch.161 Overpower Vol.19 Ch.162 Where... Vol.19 Ch.163 Gods and Demons Vol.19 Ch.164 Spirit of God Vol.19 Ch.165 White God Vol.19 Ch.166 The Respect of the Demon Vol.19 Ch.167 Is it Too Late?! Vol.19 Ch.168 The Successor Vol.19 Ch.169 The Appointment of That Day Vol.20 Ch.170 Wandering in the Mist Vol.20 Ch.171 The Dawn (1) Vol.20 Ch.172 The Dawn (2) Vol.20 Ch.173 Can't Hit Him! Vol.20 Ch.174 The Greatest Chinese Challenge Vol.20 Ch.175 Victory Declaration Vol.20 Ch.176 Fatality Vol.20 Ch.177 Determination Vol.20 Ch.178 The Gathering Vol.21 Ch.179 Qualification Vol.21 Ch.180 Tragedy Vol.21 Ch.181 Ryu Kaiou Vol.21 Ch.182 Prayers Vol.21 Ch.183 Butterfly Dance Vol.21 Ch.184 Courage Vol.21 Ch.185 It's Over Already!? Vol.21 Ch.186 Any More Vol.21 Ch.187 Distracted! Vol.22 Ch.188 Revive!! Vol.22 Ch.189 Eat Drink and Vol.22 Ch.190 Super Recovery Vol.22 Ch.191 Kaku Kaioh Vol.22 Ch.192 Practical Use of Martial Arts Vol.22 Ch.193 Awakening Vol.22 Ch.194 Candy Vol.22 Ch.195 This ia also Martial Arts Vol.22 Ch.196 Diamonds Vol.23 Ch.197 Sango Ken Vol.23 Ch.198 Head Hunting!! Vol.23 Ch.199 Get Out of Here Vol.23 Ch.200 Counter Vol.23 Ch.201 The Chinese Team Vol.23 Ch.202 Great Spirits Vol.23 Ch.203 The Japanese American Team!! Vol.23 Ch.204 Never Defeated in His Life... Vol.23 Ch.205 The Dark Arts Vol.24 Ch.206 Kiai Vol.24 Ch.207 Mystery Vol.24 Ch.208 Hand Pocket Fighting Vol.24 Ch.209 My Own Version Vol.24 Ch.210 Briskness Vol.24 Ch.211 One Man, One Kill Vol.24 Ch.212 The Best Condition Vol.24 Ch.213 Impatience Vol.24 Ch.214 Be My Partner Vol.25 Ch.215 I Trust You Vol.25 Ch.216 Get Up Vol.25 Ch.217 Excellent Vol.25 Ch.218 Only Martial Arts... Vol.25 Ch.219 Self Defense Vol.25 Ch.220 Eyes Wide Open Vol.25 Ch.221 The Winner Vol.25 Ch.222 Dance Vol.25 Ch.223 Kicks Vol.26 Ch.224 The Power of the Earth Vol.26 Ch.225 Kaioh Vol.26 Ch.226 Strength Vol.26 Ch.227 Logic Vol.26 Ch.228 Ultimate Martial Battle!! Vol.26 Ch.229 Xiao Lee Vol.26 Ch.230 Rigidity Vol.26 Ch.231 The Fist of a Kaioh Vol.26 Ch.232 Hyposthenia Vol.27 Ch.233 Manners Vol.27 Ch.234 The Weaker Ones Vol.27 Ch.235 Handicaps Vol.27 Ch.236 The Ogre Vol.27 Ch.237 Chinese Martial Arts Vol.27 Ch.238 The Devil Cry Vol.27 Ch.239 Death Vol.27 Ch.240 The Title of the Strongest Vol.27 Ch.241 The Starting Point Vol.28 Ch.242 Number One Vol.28 Ch.243 Martial Arts vs Boxing Vol.28 Ch.244 Hand Speed Vol.28 Ch.245 Marriage Vol.28 Ch.246 Karate vs Boxing Vol.28 Ch.247 Rules Vol.28 Ch.248 The Best Shot Vol.28 Ch.249 Approach Vol.28 Ch.250 The Other Hanma Vol.29 Ch.251 One Minute Vol.29 Ch.252 What A... Vol.29 Ch.253 Always Vol.29 Ch.254 Come... On Vol.29 Ch.255 Fight! Vol.29 Ch.256 Badly Vol.29 Ch.257 In This World Vol.29 Ch.258 The Fist of Orochi Vol.29 Ch.259 Freedom Vol.30 Ch.260 The Fight Vol.30 Ch.261 Coward Vol.30 Ch.262 Eloquence Vol.30 Ch.263 The Strongest Equals the Best Vol.30 Ch.264 Good Faith Vol.30 Ch.265 Human Body Vol.30 Ch.266 The Challenge Vol.30 Ch.267 Just Saying Vol.30 Ch.268 Strong Courage Vol.31 Ch.269 The Arena Vol.31 Ch.270 The Champion Vol.31 Ch.271 Risking the Life Vol.31 Ch.272 Preparation Vol.31 Ch.273 Accomplishment Vol.31 Ch.274 The Warriors Vol.31 Ch.275 Qualification Vol.31 Ch.276 Across the World
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