Nagasarete Airantou

Vol.18 Ch.099 Want to Open It

Vol.01 Ch.001 Drifted Away Vol.01 Ch.002 Attack Vol.01 Ch.003 Chased Vol.01 Ch.004 Sunset Vol.01 Ch.005 Helpful Vol.01 Ch.006 Appeared Vol.02 Ch.007 Frightened Vol.02 Ch.008 Escaped Vol.02 Ch.008.5 Made Her Say It Vol.02 Ch.009 Search Vol.02 Ch.010 I Miss You Vol.02 Ch.010.5 It Was Short Vol.02 Ch.011 Invited Vol.02 Ch.012 Bewitched Vol.03 Ch.013 For Nyan's Sake! Vol.03 Ch.014 I Want to Watch Vol.03 Ch.014.5 "Mornings" Vol.03 Ch.015 Rain Vol.03 Ch.016 Delicious Vol.03 Ch.017 Warm Vol.03 Ch.018 Competition + Omake Vol.04 Ch.019 Thief! Vol.04 Ch.020 Embarassed Vol.04 Ch.020.5 Wanting to Change Vol.04 Ch.021 Wanting to Ask Vol.04 Ch.022 Replaced Vol.04 Ch.023 Wanting to Try Vol.04 Ch.023.5 Granted Vol.04 Ch.024 Cold Vol.05 Ch.025 Wanting to Overcome Vol.05 Ch.025.5 The Sea Vol.05 Ch.026 Wish to Collect Vol.05 Ch.027 Bring It Back Vol.05 Ch.028 Sure Win Vol.05 Ch.029 Must Counterattack Vol.05 Ch.029.5 Want to Know Vol.05 Ch.030 Just Sentimentally Attached Vol.06 Ch.031 The Beginning of a Discovery Vol.06 Ch.032 The Bluff Vol.06 Ch.032.5 Obedience Vol.06 Ch.033 Growth Vol.06 Ch.034 Deception Vol.06 Ch.034.5 The Fool Returns Vol.06 Ch.035 Tricked Vol.07 Ch.036 Master It! Vol.07 Ch.037 Looked Vol.07 Ch.037.5 Dressed Up Vol.07 Ch.038 To Study Vol.07 Ch.039 To Be Taught Vol.07 Ch.039.5 Side Story - Wear it Vol.07 Ch.040 Mysterious Vol.07 Ch.041 Late at Night Vol.07 Ch.042 Show Your True Self Vol.08 Ch.043 Nin-Nin Shite Vol.08 Ch.044 Come Meet Me Vol.08 Ch.045 To Dangle After Vol.08 Ch.046 See Through It Vol.08 Ch.046.1 Tricked Vol.08 Ch.046.2 She Said It's Art Vol.08 Ch.047 Spectre Vol.09 Ch.048 Feeling Gloomy Vol.09 Ch.049.1 Building a House Vol.09 Ch.049.2 I'm Hungry Vol.09 Ch.049.3 Give Me a Pat Vol.09 Ch.050 Chased Away Vol.09 Ch.051 Hands Held Together Vol.09 Ch.052 Follow Them Vol.10 Ch.053 Night of the Full Moon Vol.10 Ch.054 All of You Gather Here Vol.10 Ch.055 Fetch a Victory Vol.10 Ch.056 Hesitated Vol.10 Ch.056.2 Care About Me Vol.10 Ch.056.3 Can't Get It Off Vol.10 Ch.057 It's Getting Hot/Cold Vol.10 Ch.057.5 2009-01-29 special Try to Cut It Vol.10 Ch.058.5 Vol.11 Ch.058 Bound Together Vol.11 Ch.058.2 Have a Bath Together Vol.11 Ch.058.7 Give Me Electricity! Vol.11 Ch.059 Want to Help Them Vol.11 Ch.060 Pick Your Choice Vol.11 Ch.061 All Together Vol.11 Ch.062 Leave It to Me Vol.11 Ch.062.5 Anime Vol.12 Ch.063 Exchange Vol.12 Ch.064 Keep Him Vol.12 Ch.064.5 She's Drunk Vol.12 Ch.065 Even an Errand I Can Do Vol.12 Ch.065.5 Show Me Your True Power Vol.12 Ch.066 Come in Flying!? Vol.12 Ch.066.5 Making Fun of Him Vol.12 Ch.067 Let's Celebrate It Together Vol.13 Ch.068 Pleased to Meet You? Vol.13 Ch.068.2 Even a Woman Diver Vol.13 Ch.068.5 When Ghosts Come Out Vol.13 Ch.068.7 Extra Chapter Reveals All?! Vol.13 Ch.069 Stop Him Vol.13 Ch.070 Targeted Vol.13 Ch.071 Inviting Mysteries Vol.13 Ch.072 Look at Us More Vol.14 Ch.073 She's Eager to Show It? Vol.14 Ch.073.5 Try Changing Your Form Vol.14 Ch.074 Fortune Telling Vol.14 Ch.074.3 Come Here Vol.14 Ch.074.5 Tease Her Vol.14 Ch.075 Bewildered Vol.14 Ch.076 An Old Story Vol.14 Ch.077 What Are You Hiding from Me? Vol.15 Ch.078 Find Him and Tell Him Everything Vol.15 Ch.079 Getting Lost Vol.15 Ch.079.5 Difficulty Sleeping Vol.15 Ch.080 Once Again Vol.15 Ch.081 She's Grown Up Vol.15 Ch.082 Breaking the Spell Vol.15 Ch.083 Becoming Stronger Vol.16 Ch.084 She's Not True to Herself Vol.16 Ch.084.5 Omake Vol.16 Ch.085 Come and Do It Again Vol.16 Ch.086 Captured Vol.16 Ch.087 Catch Him! Vol.16 Ch.088 There It Is! Vol.16 Ch.089 Keep Quiet Vol.17 Ch.090 You'll Sow Children Vol.17 Ch.091 Get a Grip Vol.17 Ch.092 Silent Night Vol.17 Ch.093 Surrounded by Spirits of Revenge Vol.17 Ch.094 Lots to Learn Vol.17 Ch.095 Exam Stress Vol.18 Ch.096 Let's Go on a Date Vol.18 Ch.097 Bad Taste Vol.18 Ch.098 Let's Go Dive Vol.18 Ch.099 Want to Open It Vol.18 Ch.100 Nice to Meet You Vol.18 Ch.101 Because from Here and On Vol.19 Ch.102 Meeting Expectations Vol.19 Ch.103 Encounter with the Unknown Vol.19 Ch.104 It's Fusion-HA Right? Vol.19 Ch.105 Wanting to Hide It Vol.19 Ch.106 Just a Dream Vol.19 Ch.107 Watching a Dream Vol.19 Ch.108 Wake Up Vol.19 Ch.109 Falling Snow Vol.19 Ch.110 With Faults Vol.20 Ch.111 Demanding the Coolness Vol.20 Ch.112 Babysitting Vol.20 Ch.113 Getting Ready for the Festival Vol.20 Ch.114 The Festival’s Coming Vol.20 Ch.115 Crowded at the Festival Vol.20 Ch.116 Having a Good Ole' Time at the Festival Vol.20 Ch.117 Wishes at the Festival Vol.21 Ch.118 Somebody’s Wish Vol.21 Ch.119 Bringing Him Back Home Vol.21 Ch.120 Just a lil’ bit Serious Vol.21 Ch.121 Rush for it Vol.21 Ch.122 To me… Vol.21 Ch.123 Hearing the Voices Vol.21 Ch.124 Promise Me Vol.21 Ch.125 Siblings Vol.21 Ch.126 Not Siblings Vol.21 Ch.127 Checking Around Vol.21 Ch.128 Checking Around Part 2 Vol.21 Ch.129 Memories Vol.22 Ch.130 A Girl’s Necessities? Vol.22 Ch.131 Taking Picture of… Vol.22 Ch.132 Get It Delivered Vol.22 Ch.133 From strange coincidences to mysterious relations Vol.22 Ch.134 Leave It to Me! Vol.22 Ch.135 Overlapping Each Other Vol.22 Ch.136 Be my Guidebook Vol.22 Ch.137 Follow After Me Vol.22 Ch.138 Boys are... Vol.22 Ch.139 Having a Bath Together – Continued Vol.22 Ch.140 Finding the Ideas Vol.22 Ch.141 Gathering the Ideas Vol.22 Ch.142 Gathering and Solving Vol.22 Ch.143 All the Actors Have Gathered Vol.24 Ch.144 Vol.24 Ch.145 I Want to Tell Vol.25 Ch.146 Chasing After Vol.25 Ch.147 Reaching You Vol.25 Ch.148 A Misbehaving Child Vol.25 Ch.149 Reborn Anew Vol.25 Ch.150 Playing Around Vol.25 Ch.151 Returning Home Vol.25 Ch.152 Reunion Vol.26 Ch.153 Together Vol.26 Ch.154 Grown a Little Vol.26 Ch.155 Vol.26 Ch.156 Vol.26 Ch.157 Vol.26 Ch.158 Vol.26 Ch.159 Vol.26 Ch.160 Vol.26 Ch.161 Vol.26 Ch.162 Vol.26 Ch.163 Vol.27 Ch.164 Sword of Temptation Vol.27 Ch.165 Vol.27 Ch.166 Vol.27 Ch.167 Vol.28 Ch.018.5 Vol.28 Ch.046.5 Vol.28 Ch.046.6 Vol.28 Ch.049 Vol.28 Ch.049.5 Vol.28 Ch.049.6 Vol.28 Ch.056.1 Vol.28 Ch.056.5 Vol.28 Ch.056.6 Vol.28 Ch.058.1 Vol.28 Ch.058.6 Vol.28 Ch.068.1 Vol.28 Ch.068.6 Vol.28 Ch.074.1 Vol.28 Ch.074.2 Vol.28 Ch.074.6 Vol.28 Ch.168 Vol.28 Ch.169 Vol.28 Ch.170 Vol.28 Ch.171 Vol.28 Ch.172 Vol.28 Ch.173 Vol.29 Ch.174 Vol.29 Ch.175 Vol.29 Ch.176 Vol.29 Ch.177 Vol.29 Ch.178 Vol.29 Ch.179 Vol.29 Ch.180 Vol.29 Ch.181 Vol.29 Ch.182 Vol.29 Ch.183 Vol.30 Ch.184
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