Vol.06 Ch.029 Kirishima Kirihiko

Vol.01 Ch.001.1 Kurenai Shinkurou Vol.01 Ch.001.2 [Continuation] Vol.01 Ch.002 Kurenai Shinkurou - Recollection Vol.01 Ch.003 Kuhouin Murasaki Vol.01 Ch.004 Murakami Ginko Vol.01 Ch.005 Murakami Ginko - Recollection Vol.02 Ch.006 Mutou Tamaki Vol.02 Ch.007 A Chance Meeting Vol.02 Ch.008 The Client Vol.02 Ch.009 Fusion Vol.02 Ch.010 Difference Vol.02 Ch.011 Vol.03 Ch.012 Embrace Vol.03 Ch.013 Collapse Vol.03 Ch.014 Promise Vol.03 Ch.015 Choice Vol.03 Ch.016 Truth Vol.03 Ch.017 Wish Vol.04 Ch.018 Guillotine - Part First Vol.04 Ch.019 Guillotine - Part Second Vol.04 Ch.020 Loyal One Vol.04 Ch.021 The Akuu Company Vol.04 Ch.022 Friends Vol.04 Ch.023 Evil Omen Vol.05 Ch.024 Big Brother Vol.05 Ch.025 Excommunication Vol.05 Ch.026 Identity Vol.05 Ch.027 Prisoner Vol.05 Ch.028 Same - Different - Murasaki Vol.06 Ch.029 Kirishima Kirihiko Vol.06 Ch.030 Akama Seki Vol.06 Ch.031 Vol.06 Ch.032 Hoshigami Zena Vol.06 Ch.033 Tempter Vol.06 Ch.034 Game Vol.07 Ch.035 Two Reasons Vol.07 Ch.036 Eight Years Vol.07 Ch.037 Resolution Vol.07 Ch.038 Hitman Vol.07 Ch.039 Tragedy and Tragedy Vol.08 Ch.040 Guillotine Vol.08 Ch.041 Surely Vol.08 Ch.041.5 [Special] Inspector Murasaki's Great Deductions Vol.08 Ch.042 Westward Vol.08 Ch.043 Resemblance Vol.08 Ch.044 Suzakujin Vol.09 Ch.045 Lies and Hugs Vol.09 Ch.046 The Traitor Vol.09 Ch.047 True Feelings Vol.09 Ch.048 Downfall of the Strongest Vol.10 Ch.048.2 Solitary Fortress Vol.10 Ch.049 An Unavoidable Fight Vol.10 Ch.050 Ugly Festival Vol.10 Ch.051 Present Vol.10 Ch.052 Talk About Love
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