Great Teacher Onizuka

Vol.15 Ch.123 Down for the Count

Vol.01 Ch.001 Eikichi Onizuka is Here!! Vol.01 Ch.002 Trudging the "Temp" Path Vol.01 Ch.003 Long Live the Teacher! Vol.01 Ch.004 Big Fortune on the Tatami Vol.01 Ch.005 Thinking of Becoming a Wolf Vol.02 Ch.006 Grenade Teacher Onizuka Vol.02 Ch.007 Teacher's Certification Exam? Vol.02 Ch.008 Pervert on Public Transport?! Vol.02 Ch.009 Furious German Reverse Suplex Vol.02 Ch.010 GTO Becomes GDO? Vol.02 Ch.011 Application of the Reverse German Suplex Vol.02 Ch.012 Onizuka-sensei Is Born! Vol.02 Ch.013 Dancing Floor Vol.02 Ch.014 Like the National Kid... Vol.03 Ch.015 Originally 2nd Year, 4th Class Vol.03 Ch.016 Teacher Bullying Vol.03 Ch.017 Teacher Bullying Vol.03 Ch.018 The Plan to Murder Onizuka Vol.03 Ch.019 Grand Game-Center Battle Vol.03 Ch.020 Together with Mom Vol.03 Ch.021 Steamed Dumpling of Fear Vol.03 Ch.022 The Beloved Cresta Vol.03 Ch.023 Let's Fire That Bastard!! Vol.04 Ch.024 I Am a Student! Vol.04 Ch.025 Who in the Class Has the Biggest Oedipus Complex? Vol.04 Ch.026 Kitchijyouji Bowling Wars Vol.04 Ch.027 Bay Bridge Bungee Vol.04 Ch.028 Teacher Disqualification Vol.04 Ch.029 There Is Something Better than a Gym Teacher Vol.04 Ch.030 Slow Tomoko Vol.04 Ch.031 Eggplant and Cucumbers Vol.04 Ch.032 Lonely Doll Play Vol.05 Ch.033 The Power of Love Vol.05 Ch.034 The Audition Vol.05 Ch.035 Birth of a Star!! Vol.05 Ch.036 Advised to Retire Vol.05 Ch.037 The Spring of Uchiyamada Hiroshi, 51 Years Old Vol.05 Ch.038 He Knows!!! Vol.05 Ch.039 I LOVE YOU Vol.05 Ch.040 The First Visit Vol.05 Ch.041 You're More Beautiful than a Butterfly Vol.06 Ch.042 Fainting, Fainting, and Fainting Again Vol.06 Ch.043 Onidzuka's IQ Vol.06 Ch.044 The Dream-Life of Living Together Vol.06 Ch.045 The Road to Domination of the Entire Country Vol.06 Ch.046 The 2nd Slave Vol.06 Ch.047 Lick Me Vol.06 Ch.048 The Test, the Yakuza, and the High School Girl Vol.06 Ch.049 Educational Leadership!? Vol.06 Ch.050 The Greatest Danger to the School Vol.07 Ch.051 TV Hero Vol.07 Ch.052 Teacher for Life Vol.07 Ch.053 The Dangerous Mermaid Vol.07 Ch.054 The Bluebirn of Happiness....? Vol.07 Ch.055 The Innocent Mermaid Vol.07 Ch.056 The Devil Mermaid Vol.07 Ch.057 The Dream That the Female Wolf Sees Is Vol.07 Ch.058 Bumpin' Butts, the Final Verdict, and Then... Vol.07 Ch.059 Death Games Vol.08 Ch.060 A Record of Normal Daily Life - The Example of Police Man Saejima Toshiyuki - Vol.08 Ch.061 Melts-in-Your-Mouth Delicious Tuna Vol.08 Ch.062 The Present for Our Respected Teacher Vol.08 Ch.063 My Secret Vol.08 Ch.064 Onidzuka's Extra-Curricular Class Vol.08 Ch.065 Open Up Your Asshole!! Vol.08 Ch.066 A Smile for the Sad Young Girl Vol.08 Ch.067 A Natural Enemy Vol.08 Ch.068 The Witch's Club Vol.09 Ch.069 The Devil's Poisonious Cookie Vol.09 Ch.070 A Woman Teacher? Vol.09 Ch.071 The Place I Was Taken Vol.09 Ch.072 Do You Like a Pretty Mom? Vol.09 Ch.073 Dear Fukada Vol.09 Ch.074 Only Big on the Outside... Vol.09 Ch.075 Son of a Bitch!! Vol.09 Ch.076 The Penalty for Peeping Vol.09 Ch.077 No Money!? Vol.09 Ch.078 No Money!?? Vol.10 Ch.079 Good-Bye Note Vol.10 Ch.080 The Missing Persons Bicycle Squad Vol.10 Ch.081 The Mask Comes Off Vol.10 Ch.082 How to Make Your Own Way Vol.10 Ch.083 The Long Road to Okinawa Vol.10 Ch.084 How to Up Your Income Ten-Fold Vol.10 Ch.085 A Man of Men Vol.10 Ch.086 To Live on Luck Alone Vol.11 Ch.087 The Mercedes Bends Vol.11 Ch.088 The Musashino Kinky Club Vol.11 Ch.089 Rope and Nutritional Supplements Vol.11 Ch.090 The Stubborn Underage Hooker Vol.11 Ch.091 Judgement Day Vol.11 Ch.092 Sayonara Onizuka! Vol.12 Ch.093 Metamorphosis Vol.12 Ch.094 Azusa Metamorph Challenge Vol.12 Ch.095 Making It a "Go" in Okinawa Vol.12 Ch.096 Making It a "Go" Back in the Rooms Vol.12 Ch.097 Making It a "Go" with the Sea Turtles Vol.13 Ch.098 Making It a "Go" with the Treasure! Vol.13 Ch.099 Making It a "Go" with the Search Dog Vol.13 Ch.100 Making the Adventure "Go" Vol.13 Ch.101 Love Love Go Vol.13 Ch.102 Just Can't Go Straight Vol.13 Ch.103 Re-Inventing Anko Vol.13 Ch.104 Moonlight Blues Vol.13 Ch.105 Love Love Love Vol.13 Ch.106 Great Teacher Fuyutsuki....!? Vol.14 Ch.107 White Collar Blues Vol.14 Ch.108 A Day in the Life of Officer Saejima (pt 2) Vol.14 Ch.109 The Return of Teshigawara Vol.14 Ch.110 The Girl With Blue Hair Vol.14 Ch.111 When Delinquents Come a Calling Vol.14 Ch.112 Smash the Life Out of Him! Vol.14 Ch.113 Major Incontinence Vol.14 Ch.114 The Man Who Lost to Money Vol.15 Ch.115 Smooth Johnny Vol.15 Ch.116 Cuties, Crap, and the Secret Stash Vol.15 Ch.117 The Girl with the Butterfly Tattoo Vol.15 Ch.118 One Hardcore Party Vol.15 Ch.119 Standing in the Dark Vol.15 Ch.120 The Hundred to One Shot Vol.15 Ch.121 Thirteen Steps to the Hanging Block Vol.15 Ch.122 The Hundredth Man Vol.15 Ch.123 Down for the Count Vol.16 Ch.124 The Loneliest Heart in the World Vol.16 Ch.125 Lost Little Lambs (pt 1) Vol.16 Ch.126 Lost Little Lambs (pt 2) Vol.16 Ch.127 The Bird that Couldn't Fly Vol.16 Ch.128 Lonely Little Fish Vol.16 Ch.129 Memories that Sting Vol.16 Ch.130 The Cast Vol.16 Ch.131 Crime and Punishment (pt 1) Vol.16 Ch.132 Crime and Punishment (pt 2) Vol.17 Ch.133 Tears of an Angel Vol.17 Ch.134 The Spite Syndrome Vol.17 Ch.135 Mother, Daughter and Dirty Laundry Vol.17 Ch.136 And a Boomerang Feels No Pain Vol.17 Ch.137 The Delusion Junkie Vol.17 Ch.138 Sayonara, Sensei Vol.17 Ch.139 The Value of the Greener Grass Vol.17 Ch.140 In My Life Vol.17 Ch.141 A Mid-Summer's Snow Vol.18 Ch.142 A Shock to the System Vol.18 Ch.143 Born Anew Vol.18 Ch.144 Love in a Boxed Lunch Vol.18 Ch.145 The Burden of Friendship (pt 1) Vol.18 Ch.146 The Burden of Friendship (pt 2) Vol.18 Ch.147 Enter the Makoto Vol.18 Ch.148 Inspector Makoto Vol.18 Ch.149 Hello, Azusa Vol.18 Ch.150 Fantasy Wedding Vol.19 Ch.151 The Cicada's Diary Vol.19 Ch.152 The Metamorphosis Vol.19 Ch.153 Climbing Out of the Rut Vol.19 Ch.154 That Crazy Tokyo U. Rhapsody Vol.19 Ch.155 Heroes and Zeros Vol.19 Ch.156 And Then...! Vol.19 Ch.157 One Less Thing to Worry About...? Vol.20 Ch.158 The Second Semester Begins Vol.20 Ch.159 The Wastes' Boogie Vol.20 Ch.160 Scoring 200 Percent Vol.20 Ch.161 The Plan to Save Out the Autistic Child Vol.20 Ch.162 Man's Enormous Machete Vol.20 Ch.163 Full of Bloody Love Vol.20 Ch.164 The Love of Wearing Strawberry Panties Vol.21 Ch.165 Demon Club Vol.21 Ch.166 Tears of an Angel Vol.21 Ch.167 Vengence of an Angel Vol.21 Ch.168 Sacred Water of the Angel Vol.21 Ch.169 You're Just Reading from the Textbook Vol.21 Ch.170 The Azusa Reason Vol.21 Ch.171 When Angels Get Spanked Vol.21 Ch.172 The Angel with Broken Wings Vol.22 Ch.173 Little Boys and Little Girls Vol.22 Ch.174 The Angel Army Vol.22 Ch.175 Police Blotter Saejima Schemes (Pt. 3) Vol.22 Ch.176 My Boyfriend's into Games Vol.22 Ch.177 Tales of Summer Nights Vol.22 Ch.178 And Summer Festivals Vol.22 Ch.179 Five Centimeters to the Other Side Vol.22 Ch.180 The End of Summer (pt 1) Vol.22 Ch.181 The End of Summer (pt 2) Vol.23 Ch.182 Kidnap and Go! Vol.23 Ch.183 The Mother and Her Other Vol.23 Ch.184 Memoirs of a Terrorist Vol.23 Ch.185 It Happened One Beautiful Morning Vol.23 Ch.186 Heart Already High in the Clear Sky Vol.23 Ch.187 Her Circumstances Vol.23 Ch.188 Friends Vol.24 Ch.189 Heaven's Gate Vol.24 Ch.190 MRIs and Garter Belts Vol.24 Ch.191 Been Tossed Away Once Already Vol.24 Ch.192 An Angel's Miscalculation Vol.24 Ch.193 When Angels Go Bad Vol.24 Ch.194 Looking for Love Again Tonight Vol.24 Ch.195 Grieving Time Vol.25 Ch.196 Sayonara Vol.25 Ch.197 Give Me Wings Vol.25 Ch.198 Good Luck and Goodbye Vol.25 Ch.199 Doing What I Can Do for You Vol.25 Ch.200 Forever
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