Angel Densetsu

Vol.05 Ch.025 Finale

Vol.01 Ch.001 Introducing the Scariest Face Around Vol.01 Ch.002 The Scariest School Guardian Vol.01 Ch.003 The Beginning of a Legend Vol.01 Ch.004 A Small Kindness Vol.01 Ch.005 Intensification of Resistance Vol.01 Ch.006 Gekitotu Vol.02 Ch.007 Boil with Rage Vol.02 Ch.008 Prelude to a Fight Vol.02 Ch.009 Return Match Vol.02 Ch.010 Battle Against Three Vol.02 Ch.011 Conclusion in Tears Vol.02 Ch.012 An Angel's Steel Hammer Vol.03 Ch.013 First Loves Whereabouts Vol.03 Ch.014 The Soukyuu Park Delinquent Cleanup Plan Vol.03 Ch.015 A New Enemy? Vol.03 Ch.016 An Evil Influence Creeps Forth Vol.03 Ch.017 First Love Scandal Vol.04 Ch.018 Scene of a Confession Vol.04 Ch.019 Facts Behind the Pure of Heart Vol.04 Ch.020 Fever Induced Showdown Vol.04 Ch.021 A Morning Jog Vol.04 Ch.021.5 Vs. The Passing Murder - Side Story Vol.05 Ch.022 The Red Invader Vol.05 Ch.023 The Legend Crumbles Vol.05 Ch.024 Battle for Guardian Vol.05 Ch.025 Finale Vol.05 Ch.026 No. 2 Couple Vol.06 Ch.027 Season of the Sun Vol.06 Ch.028 The Fighting Woman Vol.06 Ch.029 Meeting with the Devil Vol.06 Ch.030 Reparations of Fear Vol.06 Ch.031 Tenacious Woman Vol.07 Ch.032 Ikuno's Rampage Vol.07 Ch.033 Coffin for the Victor Vol.07 Ch.034 What it Means to Win Vol.07 Ch.035 The Battles Demise Vol.08 Ch.036 People under a Blue Sky Vol.08 Ch.037 The End of the World Vol.08 Ch.038 Parental Discontent Vol.08 Ch.039 Three Sided Dad Fight Vol.08 Ch.040 Elegy for the Fathers Vol.08 Ch.041 A Nameless Path Vol.09 Ch.042 An Assassin from the Shadows Vol.09 Ch.043 Atonement for Well Meant Actions Vol.09 Ch.044 The End of a Distant Empty Sky Vol.09 Ch.045 Anguish of the Holy Vol.09 Ch.046 Shadow of the Devil Vol.09 Ch.047 Spring Sunlight Through Vol.10 Ch.048 A Far Off Concern Vol.10 Ch.049 Ikuno's Confession Vol.10 Ch.050 The Warrior's Afternoon Vol.10 Ch.051 Showdown! Koiso-Style Kobujutsu Vol.10 Ch.052 Kurodas Beautiful Sunday Vol.10 Ch.053 Ryoko's Sunday Battle Vol.11 Ch.054 The Ideal Subject Vol.11 Ch.055 A Calamitous Vol.11 Ch.056 Afternoon Hidden Photographer Vol.11 Ch.057 Kaburagi's Observation Report Vol.11 Ch.058 The Crossroads of Hell Vol.11 Ch.059 Holy Battle in the Morning Vol.12 Ch.060 A Photograph of the Highest Level of Violence Vol.12 Ch.061 The Mighty and Ephemeral Vol.12 Ch.062 At the Far End of Violence and Lamenation Vol.12 Ch.063 The Home of Demons Vol.12 Ch.064 Another Sunday for the Kitano Familt Vol.13 Ch.065 The Mysterious Connection Between Hero and Demon Vol.13 Ch.066 The Suffering of the Halford Family Vol.13 Ch.067 The Siblings Are Possessed Vol.13 Ch.068 The Evil Pursuer Vol.13 Ch.069 Moon to the Devil Vol.13 Ch.070 The Great Demonic Ant Lion Escape Plan Vol.14 Ch.071 The Advent Upon Leo's Anguish Vol.14 Ch.072 Pieces of the Beautiful Angels Vol.14 Ch.073 Mark of the Lady Vol.14 Ch.074 He Who Will Not Fall Vol.14 Ch.075 Angel at Rest Vol.14 Ch.076 Days of Our Youth Part 1 Vol.15 Ch.077 Days of Our Youth Part 2 Vol.15 Ch.078 Days of Our Youth Part 3 Vol.15 Ch.079 Upon My Love, Greed, and Pride Vol.15 Ch.080 Manse of Evil Vol.15 Ch.081 Trouble of Takehisa Vol.15 Ch.082 A Day of Blue Skies Vol.15 Ch.083 Waiting for the Fateful Word... Vol.15 Ch.084 The Final Holy War
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